Delhi Police spotted in Indian Army uniform, Army said ‘will take action’

By Muslim Mirror News

New Delhi, Feb 24: Indian Army has made strong objection  against state police forces and private security agencies wearing the military camouflage uniform, said Indian Army sources on Sunday.

Action will be taken against those involved.

“There are policy guidelines which prohibit paramilitary and state police forces from wearing uniforms donned by the military,” told Indian Army sources.

The state police force personnel deployed in New Delhi’s Jaffrabad today were wearing a uniform similar to the disruptive pattern camouflage of the Indian Army.

Earlier in the day, the exit and entry gates of Jaffrabad metro station were closed. Heavy security has been deployed at the agitation site.

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  1. It is time for Delhi police to be brought under complete Delhi state control. It is not acceptable for Delhi police in uniform entering college campuses and vandalizing the CCTV camera wearing masks or patrolling the street without name badge.

    I think Delhi Police has not learnt anything from Pathankot Airbase attack in which scores of defense personal died.
    Is it wider plan to plant a fear of Kashmir valley among the Delhi Muslim population who voted the BJP out?

    Jai Hind

  2. As you are a Hindu and as we Hindus are supposedly fighting for our very existence for survival we call upon all Hindus in Judiciary , Police & Army Administration, News Media,Tax Departments , Schools and Universities , Immigration Office , private companies , MNC and Hospitals along with billions of Rupees of donations from Hindus from NRI and PIO across the world to first wipe out Indian Muslims from all walks of life . This has to be similar to how Jews and how Palestinians were and are being treated.We have rolled out the 1st stage of identification through Adhaar and PAN now we move to 2nd stage of CAA.We have been creating psychological awakenings of Hindus through media since Ramayan was broadcast and have continued to do so till now.We have engineered action plans which are social , cultural and environmental which directly or indirectly contributes to the psyche of Hindus to take up arms against Muslims. We Hindus in the form of a few organizations have a core team of highly qualified specialists , who are testing out actions and plans resulting in deep polarization of society in the form of social , economic and cultural domains. Demonetization was one exercise conducted to financially ruin Muslims , at a marginal cost to Hindus. A few sacrifices need to be made for the long term success and greater good of Hindus overall.The success in Kashmir and Babri Masjid are just a few feathers in our cap and hopefully more are on the way. Some of the actions are in the form of violence- which is a crucial part of instilling a sense of fear and uncertainty in the minds of Muslims.We have our people in key positions of the Administration – both in legal and law enforcement departments – to focus on these issues. We have ready plans of all sorts ready to be applied at all levels as and when required till the ultimate goal is achieved.We are also targeting Hindus who have a false notion of secularism and encouraging them by all means to change their mind set. We are achieving this change with huge success mainly in the younger age range.The social structure of India and Hindus is composed of a leader , to whom everyone looks up to for taking the next step – as was in the case of Hitler -and this weakness is a great advantage for progressing our manifesto and achieving our objectives. We learnt that death is a continuous and inevitable process but branding it to our advantage works to get more supporters to our just cause just as in the case of highlighting Muslims being overall criminals, has gone a long way to developing a mindset amongst Hindus. In the 70 odd years of independence we have strived at all levels to install our goals and ideology and have succeeded.


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