“Don’t worry, we will strew the streets with their (Muslims) dead bodies,” ACP told Kapil Mishra


By Muslim Mirror Desk

Rubina Bano, a resident of Chand Bagh area in northeast Delhi has made serious allegations against Anuj Kumar, the assistant commissioner of the Gokulpuri police station in connection with the Delhi violence that killed more than 50 people, mostly Muslims. In a police complaint Bano has said that just before the policemen began their attacks on 24 February, she heard Kumar assure ruling BJP party-leader Kapil Mishra over the phone, “Don’t worry, we will strew the streets with their dead bodies such that it will be remembered for generations,” The Caravan reported.

In her complaint, Bano wrote about the events that transpired on the morning of 24 February at the anti-Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) protest site in Chand Bagh.

Bano was one among the local women residents who led the sit-in protest against CAA in Chand Bagh.

In her complaint, Bano who is also a pregnant woman wrote that she reached the protest site at around 11 am that day to discover the area filled with policemen. Bano stated that the police were arguing with the protesting women, using abusive language, and warning them that they would be killed if they continued their protest.

“We are peacefully protesting here, so why are you addressing us in this manner?” Bano asked the ACP Anuj Kumar, according to her complaint.

Bano wrote to police in her complaint that the ACP Anuj Kumar responded with abuses and said, “Kapil Mishra and his associates will free you from your life.”

“In the meanwhile, Kapil Mishra called the SHO Tarkeshwar Singh, who then gave the phone to Anuj Kumar and said ‘Kapil Mishra is on the line.’ He took the phone and moved away from there to speak to him. He told Kapil Mishra, ‘Don’t worry, we will act as per your orders. Today we will not leave these people alive. We will not stop until we give them their freedom.’ This is what he said,” In an interview with The Caravan on 22 May, Bano recounted what she had witnessed and stated in her police complaint.

“The ACP Anuj Kumar told Kapil Mishra over the phone, ‘Don’t worry, we will strew the streets with their dead bodies such that it will be remembered for generations.’ I wrote that as soon as he cut the call, Anuj Kumar turned to Tarkeshwar and other police personnel and commanded, ‘Maaro saalo ko [kill the bastards],” Bano wrote the same in the complaint.

“There were several other civilians standing with the police officers who had cloths tied around their necks and were armed with lathis, sticks, swords, stones, guns, and bombs,” She added in her complaint.

The Delhi Police did not register Bano’s complaint as an FIR.

Bano also told Caravan that she continues to face pressure from the police to withdraw her complaint and that she will not back down.


    • Filthy lying Hindu dog. The Muslims were targeted FIRST by Hindu RSS terrorists with the police helping them. Hindus like you can’t help but lie and justify terrorism against Muslim can you? It was clearly pre-planned with the police openly being a party to murder.
      Hindu scum will be dealt with.

      • I m from that very area….and the woman statement is a lie….their were only 15-20 police men ….and u think they angage with a mob of 5 to 10 thousand….infact the mob attacked the police…and the adjuscent colony restaurant nursing home educational institute petrol pump….and unlocked the liquor house and drink the liquor and attacked our colony….than the colony men responded and drew them back ….they fired everything including what I stated above and it was a coordinated plan to sabotage petrol pump and blast it ….and do the major damage to the adjuscent colony of ours…and if it was police then how come petrol bombs were already ready and thrown and then the same goons gone to the Tahir,’s house and start Syrian acts …. throwing petrol bombs on the Hindu residents with the help of gulel….stones were already gathered nights before….acid packs were already packed and ready nights before….its not sone spontaneously….it was a planned act terrorism….war against nation

    • Soo….Pelting stones v/s Musleem bodies strewn along streets..

      Do you think it’s fair ????

      Dig for the proper cause /s of pelting stones!

      So much hatred …just because the ruling party weren’t elected in New Delhi !

      May God instill the desire upon us to behave as TRUE human beings ,AND NOT WORSE THAN ANIMALS….!

      AMEEN ! AMEN ! AMEEN !

    • Israel shoot Palestinians who throw stones aswell. Lost people. How would you like it if someone shot your family member because they threw a stone at them..

  1. The RSS terrorists in police uniform. I’m not surprised given that these Hindu terrorists have always behaved like this. What they’ve forgotten is that once people loose faith in the police, then they can also be targeted. Anuj Kumar and Kapil Mishra should be targeted for extermination if justice isn’t served.

  2. If unprecedented force backed by rss goons keep assaulting you..what will you do?? Foolish man come out of RSS ideology

  3. Unless Indian Muslims learn to defend their own life, honour and Justice by uniting under the last Prophet like ”Dirilis Ertrugul Ghazi’ every time for ”Qisas”’; they will continue to be paraded nude , raped in public, burnt alive and killed after torture ; by these barbaric illiterate blood-drinking Sanghi Noyans and dogs!
    Shame on these coward divided firqaparasts of Sahranpur, Deoband, Nizamuddin and Barreilly!
    Self-Defence is a basic human right and it is a holy duty to defend yourself always!
    Be able to protect yourself and family and property, and be prepared always for the enemy, even in peaceful times!
    Peace is attained only by preparedness to remove injustice and oppression!

    • May Allah protect every Muslim in india. May Allah give them the power to concour the evil. If this is what the hidus do to our fellow Muslims in india then i got a suprise for the hindus here by us. Hope they pack up and go back to india. Hindus worship idols we as Muslims worship a God. The God of all Gods. The most high. The ever present loving God. May Allah make it easy for all Muslims in india to concour the evil

  4. The law enforcement agency themselves started the riot talking orders from the main culprit. Now they r accusing the victims of starting the riot & filling fake cases against them ‼️ This will happen when the country is ruled by criminals ‼️

  5. I assume that the Muslim legal body is not following these cases properly. At least they should ask the court to given full protection to the victim.
    The next step the people’s representative should raise the issue in both houses of the Parliament ask the Delhi Police to give written clarification on the all issues from JNU to recent communal violence.
    They should also demand to disband the Delhi Police and replace the security of the national capital to the forces. All the officers who found collaborated with politicians in crime should be terminated from jobs. The Delhi Police should be brought under the state government.

    Jai Hind

  6. I am particularly SAD & SORRY to see India as a Nation has lost all CONSCIENCE at the behest of political misguidance of few at helm ruling. Jyst sad and sorry

  7. Had this been like our Neighborhs like China or Myanmar ..you can imagine what would have happened.

    But Now Muslims are making India another Myanmar for themselves.

    • Muslims are the cause or is it your incompetent leaders who are making people fight one another and whoever gets killed it only lessens the population… They keep you uneducated and make you fight each other for a reason but people are too thick to use their own brains…

  8. All culprits will be punished by the Almighty Allaah in his own way. So please don’t be panicked. Not only in this world but also in the eternal world. In Shaa Allaah.
    مگر آپ سب سے گذارش ہیکہ اللہ کی رسِّی کو مضبوطی سے تھام لو، وَاعْتَصِمُوْا بِحَبْلِ اللہِ جَمِیْعًا.
    نمازوں کی پابندی کریں، اپنے اخلاق کو سُدھاریں، اپنے کردار کی حفاظت کریں، ہر پڑوسی کا مقدور بھر خیال رکھیں، مذہبی بنیاد پر مدد کا معیار نہ کریں بلکہ انسانی بنیاد پر مدد کریں، رشتہ داروں کا خیال رکھیں. آگے اور بُرے دن آنے والے ہیں ان پر صبر کریں. اللہ ہم سب کو ان باتوں پر عمل کرنے کی توفیق عطا فرمائے… آمین یا رب العالمین

  9. Its need a unit of muslims… a khilafah.. one unit, one power… the prophet established a system and the muslims life on this way 1400 years! Back to the roots.. that is the only option and solution!


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