Dr Kafeel Khan’s brother shot in Gorakhpur, hospitalised, condition serious


By M M Desk

Gorakhpur: The Gorakhpur Gas Tragedy fame Dr Kafeel Khan’s brother Kashif Jameel has been shot in Gorakhpur, on late night Sunday.

Kashif had been attacked by two unidentified bikers, who fired three rounds on him. Currently he is admitted in Star Hospital, Gorakhpur.

Although, according to the initial reports he sustained injuries on his arm, neck and chin.

Basically, Khan become a hero after making great efforts to save many infants life at BRD hospital in Gorakhpur but later he was made an accused  in oxygen shortage  tragedy which resulted in  more than 70 infants deaths.

Currently he is on judicial bail.


  1. Yogi Adityanath is suffering from depression, it is his proof. Defeat in the byelection of the state of the state has created this disappointment. This is due to the disappointment of the minorities to attack. However, whatever they do, the situation is going to be adversarial. People in the northern province do not want madness. The Yogi could not provide the development, the elite, and the justice that he wants. So at the end, he plays a card like a minority lynching.

  2. When you elect illiterate murderers into leaders…Andher nagari or Ram Rajya in UP under Adityanath..Yogis are now full sansaari…


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