Dr. Zakir Naik likely to be deported from Oman: Report


Zakir Naik, a well-known Islamic speaker, is likely to be deported from Oman. Indian intelligence services are already in contact with Oman officials in order to apprehend Naik on his March 23 visit India Today reported.

Naik has been invited to Oman to give two talks. His first lecture, “The Quran a Global Necessity,” is set for the first day of Ramadan, March 23, by the Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs of Oman.

Since 2017, Naik, an Indian Islamic preacher, has been staying in Malaysia. The Sultanate of Oman has invited Naik to conduct two religious lectures in Muscat on March 23 and 25, during Ramadhan.

According to the report, local Indian embassy is in touch with agencies to detain and eventually deport him under the local laws. Sources in Indian intelligence agencies said that there was strong possibility that local authorities oblige to their request and detain him.

After incarceration, Indian officials are likely to deploy a legal team to follow up. The MEA discussed the subject with the Omani Ambassador.

Similarly, the Indian Ambassador in Oman has discussed the matter with the Omani Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Qatar had already invited Naik to deliver religious lectures at the FIFA World Cup 2022. Naik, who faces money laundering and hate speech charges in India, has been a fugitive in Malaysia since 2017.

Naik, 57, left India in 2016 after his organisation, the Islamic Research Foundation (IRF), was outlawed and a first information report was filed in his name. He is accused of encouraging Muslim youth and terrorists to carry out terrorist actions both in India and overseas.

He was also prohibited from giving talks in Malaysian public venues in 2019. His Peace TV network is also prohibited in Bangladesh, Canada, Sri Lanka, and the United Kingdom in addition to India.

Naik, who gained notoriety in the 1990s for his da’wah (an action of asking or encouraging people to accept Islam) efforts through IRF, is also the creator of the “comparative religion” Peace TV. Many of the channel’s viewers, who number in the over 100 million range, see him as a representative of the Salafi doctrine (a reform movement within the Sunni faith).



  1. A very complicated issue that prevails throughout the human- glob is to assess the facts based on righteousness and falsehood. There should be a referendum on the issue among peoples to know whether how many are of the opinion to see a presence of Zakir Naik in India or how many not. The Muslims in India are divided in various sections, and because of such factors, they scatter the beams to misguide our officials. May Allah bless Indian Muslims to be steadfast on one platform! The lacuna found in our communal society is that here in India, we are maslaki but Zakir Naik is claiming for himself that he is Muslim only and not belonging to Barailwi or Deobandi Maslak. But who is better, our Allah knows merely. So, I request our unbiased government to leave the matters on Allah. The creator Allah is sufficient to decide wrong or right.


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