Ex-BJP MLA threatens a replay of Babri on Gyanvapi

Sangeet Som

Lucknow : Former BJP MLA Sangeet Som has made an objectionable remark on the Gyanvapi mosque controversy.

He allegedly said at a function to mark the anniversary of Maharana Pratap that people should remember 1992 — the year when the Babri mosque was demolished.

“That was 1992 and this is 2022. The strength of the youth has doubled now and time has come to take another decision,” he said.

Som also wrote on his Facebook page that “Aurangzeb made the Gyanvapi mosque. In 1992, it was Babri and now in 2022 it is the turn of Gyanvapi. It is time to take back the temple which was demolished to make a mosque.”

Congress spokesman Surendra Rajput said: “This is exactly the gameplan of the BJP, to create unrest and divisions in society. We hope that the BJP realizes the damage it is doing to the social fabric with such statements. The Gyanvapi issue has bene raised and so has the Taj Mahal issue. We are heading for dangerous times.”— IANS



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