Facing injustice from authorities and neglect from community 20 members of a Muslim family convert to Hinduism

Akhtar Ali and his sons after the conversion..

By Muslim Mirror News

Baghpat : Facing injustice from authorities and neglect from community as many as 20  members of a Muslim family converted  to Hinduism Tuesday  in Uttar Pradesh’s Baghpat district.


Its reported that the conversion took place in protest  against police inaction in a case of “murder” of one of the members of the family.

According to sources, the family members took part in a special ‘puja’ and performed some rituals in the presence of priests at a Shiva temple in Badarkha village in the district, and were given Hindu names.

“All of them embraced Hinduism of their own free will and there was no pressure on them,” claimed a district official in Baghpat.

Sources, however, said that the family members were upset with the local police, which, they alleged, had termed the “murder” of one of their members as “suicide.”

The head of the family Akhtar Ali, who was among those who embraced Hinduism, said that his son Gulzar was “murdered” by some members of Muslim community a few days ago.

The local police closed the case after terming the death as a case of suicide. “We submitted several applications to the higher authorities also, and requested our fellow community members to help, but nothing happened,” Akhtar said.

Senior police officials, however, promised to look into the matter afresh after the conversion.

Sources said that security has been beefed up in the area and additional security personnel have been deployed as a precautionary measure.

Hindu Yuva Vahini activists, who organized   this event however, claimed it to a case of “ghar wapsi” and conducted a havan as part of the “re-induction ceremony” at a local temple. Vande Matram was also sung after the ceremony.


  1. They are all Hindu before converting to embrace lslam, now they have gone too “Ghar wapsi” to become Hindu once again, true Muslim by faith would rather first killed his enemy to protect lslam

  2. We have justice towards same sex,illegal relations and injustice towards muslims through admin,judiciary and every other systems.
    Even rightwing uses communist ideology,liberal views and other ideologies to justify the injustice towards muslims.

  3. Every ideology has been used to justify the injustice towards indian Muslims.
    Muslims take care ,ur under ideological attack.try to distinguish the ideologies.

  4. But worst thing is not even a single ideology is used to confirm the justice to Muslims.
    Everybody is busy in confirming the democratic value of this country without confirming the justice to Muslims.

  5. People thinks that they are driving Muslims in right direction but they failed to understand they r causing injustice to them.

  6. Muslims accustomed to bear the injustice towards them.does it what really Islam says?
    The question is do muslim knows Islam?

  7. Why hindus needs to be exploited? to cause good to them.why Muslims needs to be exploited? to cause injustice to them.This is indian democracy.


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