Former Imam of Makkah’s Masjid al Haram jailed for 10 years

Sheikh Saleh al Talib

By Muslim Mirror Desk

A Saudi court has sentenced a prominent former imam of Makkah’s Masjid al Haram to ten years in prison.


The Specialised Criminal Appeals Court in Riyadh sentenced Sheikh Saleh al Talib to prison on Monday, reversing a prior acquittal, according to the US-based rights organisation Democracy for the Arab World Now (Dawn).

According to activists, Saudi officials first held Talib in 2018 and cited no cause for his arrest, which occurred after he delivered a sermon criticising the General Entertainment Authority, a government agency in charge of regulating the entertainment industry.

He denounced concerts and events that he claimed violated the country’s religious and cultural standards.

On Twitter, Dawn, an organisation created by the late journalist Jamal Khashoggi, confirmed Talib’s court sentence.

A spokesperson for Dawn, Abdullah Alaoudh, denounced the prison sentence, saying it was part of an increasing trend of clerics and imams facing imprisonment for speaking out against reforms advocated by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

“The sentencing of the Grand Mosque’s Imam Saleh Al Talib to 10 years for criticizing social changes and the sentencing of women activist Salma Alshehab to 34 years for calling for real social reforms is a stark irony that tells us that MbS’s oppression threatens every group,” said Alaoudh.

“What is in common between all political prisoners including Imam Al Talib is that they peacefully expressed their opinions and got arrested for it. This repression should stop against everyone [with] no exceptions.”

His detention comes as Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman pursues ‘reforms’ in Saudi society and ‘diversification’ of the Gulf kingdom’s oil-dependent economy.

According to rights groups, authorities have imprisoned hundreds of renowned clergy and imams who are critical of MBS’s reform agenda since he seized de facto control as crown prince.

Among those jailed is Salman al-Odah, who called for Saudis to settle their disputes with Qataris following Riyadh’s region-wide ban of the Gulf country.

Other recent arrests include PhD student Salma al-Shehab, who was sentenced to 34 years in prison for tweets critical of the Saudi government.


  1. If expressing how somebody feels regarding some innovation of a tyrant and intoxicated prey will attract imprisonment, then, the world is in danger. The clown priest is out to destroy Islamic religion, playing out what the enemies have in Stoke. May Allah destroy them and their evils.

    • Hay you anonymous dum Fellow what you know about our precious religion of Islam? You can follow your religion but please do not interfere in our region.

    • Bismillahirrahmanirrahim I want to ask the King of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Sulaiman, why did you catch Imama Kaaba just because he does not like to see girls dancing and boys dancing in Saudi Arabia, that’s why you caught him.

      • The oppressors will always live and do what they think they can. But when the appointed time reaches, they will not delay by a second. Oh my beloved brothers and sisters, always stand for justice as Allah has instructed us. May Allah bring peace to all nations suffering on Earth

    • May Allah deal with the oppressors. This is not the correct way to deal with people who speak the Haqq. People often conflate the Government of Saudi Arabia with the Imams of the Haramain. Be firm on Tawheed and follow the way of the righteous predecessors. The people of Ahlul Bida’a will say ‘Look at the Saudis’, Shaykh Ibn Baz spoke on this issue and said “How do you know what conversations take place, how do you know what we advise them. We cannot force them, we are not the King.”

  2. It is time to do introspection about the compatibility with modern-day egalitarian democratic setups of the nations. There is little use in clinging to an outdated vacuous ideology that preach violence and hatred.

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  3. If Saudi Arabia that we are looking up to do such I think we need to go back to our Africa traditional religion, where saying the truth is free.

  4. May Allaah guide our rulers…they only come out from us. We will never have success until we ALL go back to the examples of Rasulullaah alayhi salatu wa salaam and his companions. Most Muslims do not want shariah…they want demoncrazy…with no idea what it is all about. We are ignorant of our deen, we have abandoned the Quraan and sunnah and we chase the Dunya and we wonder why Allaah has allowed tyrants to rule us…WE are the tyrants…so what better to rule us…may Allaah guide us all and make us better Muslims and help us to return the way of the first generation so that we may experience the success that they were given…bi’iznillaah Allaahuma Ameen!

  5. Poor Christians doesn’t know what is Islam. Before you give any opinions at least must know what is Islam. Poor Christians were fed of Propaganda so much in Social Media, spare time to learn Islam deeply you will find the Truth. Do not force your Superstition to turn Islam rights.

  6. We are not barking what the government of Saudi Arabia did to their former Iman, sheikh sale al-talib may Allah reward his haqq immediately

  7. Sheikh sale al-talib was sentence for 10years imprisonment because of his TRUTH, so let the government of Saudi Arabia know that We are not barking what the government of Saudi Arabia did to their former Iman, sheikh sale al-talib may Allah reward his haqq immediately I guess end time is nearly.

  8. Irrelevant and false . What is relevant is that there is only one God and therefore worship God alone. The reason that idol worshippers are rude in debate and oppressive in government is they cannot defeat a Muslim in using reason for this simple reason . There are no gods except the one everlasting eternal God. Islam says worship that God alone it is simple faith.

    Theory 1. There is only one God irrestable and supreme who created the universe . Theory 2. There are all manner of gods and goddesses all at variance with each other. Which seems more likely to be correct?

    There is no might and power except with Allah. The idols are powerless and can neither help you nor harm you they cannot create even a fly whereas God created the whole universe therefore be wise and worship God alone.


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