Four Hindu men killed a Muslim woman, but Godi media don’t see any communal angle

Image credit: Amar Ujala

By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi: The godi media have been making hue and cry over Rinku Sharma’s murder case  but they are completely silent on the killing of Tarannum alias Hina, 32, by Sumit Kumar, 21, and three others.

According to police Kumar was in an affair with Hina, who was a married woman. He along with his three friends planned to kill her as she was pressing him to get married to her. Moreover, Kumar doubted that she was in a relationship with other men as well.

Kumar and his friends Arun, Amit and Ravi killed Hina in her house in Kishangarh police station area , New Delhi on 8 February. Hina’s husband Saquib Khan alias Raja gone to Tughlaqabad when the incident took place.

All the four accused have been arrested. A probe into the incident has been initiated by a team led by Rajesh Maurya, SHO, Kishangarh police station.

According to Hindi daily Amar Ujala  Kumar had promised his friends to give 1 lakh rupees for killing Hina. He had also told them that they could also get their hands on the 15 lakh rupees that were kept in Hina’s house.

Southwest Additional DCP Ingit Pratap Singh said that the police came to know about the incident from Fortis Hospital on 9 February morning. In a bid to mislead the police, Kumar had admitted Hina to the hospital after assaulting her in her house.


  1. I am far, far away from New Delhi. I read YOUR account of what might have transpired. A young man possessive of his married woman mistress, paranoid and jealous is alleged to have wreaked violence against her. A fairly common theme in fiction, non-fiction, & real life all over the world and all through history. What is the communal angle?

    • You may be right But Just imagine the response of godimedia, had this case had a different set of culprits and victim in terms of their religion !!!
      This would have become the headline of national media.

  2. Murder is hineous crime but I shed little tears for a married Muslim woman committing adultery and having an affair with any one. To me she seems to have had no religion.

    • You know this for certain or could it just be an entirely ficitious account concoted to to defame this lady and protect these 4 sewer rats.


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