Gagandeep Singh ‘punished’ for saving Muslim youth from lynching mob sent on leave

Inspector Gagandeep Singh and the Muslim youth he saved from the mob in Ramnagar last week. File pic

By Muslim Mirror News,

Dehradun : Gagandeep Singh, the police officer who became an overnight celebrity after saving a Muslim boy from a lynch mob has been sent on leave.


The hero of Uttarakhand last week, has become a villain now in the eye of state government.

The police inspector in Ramnagar who shot to fame after the video of him saving the couple went viral on social media.

Gagandeep Singh also received death threats. The reason: he defended “indecent behavior”.

Gagandeep Singh has been sent on leave on Wednesday’ said Senior SSP Janmejay Khanduri who had all appreciation for Gagandeep  after  he saved a Muslim boy from a lynch mob which attacked him for being with his Hindu girlfriend on the premises of a temple.

Khanduri also added that Gagandeep Singh needs counseling as he is not used to adjust with sudden fame.

Khanduri  was facing political pressure after he admired Gagandeep.

The local BJP politicians are also angry with the inspector. “It is not right for the Muslims to bring Hindu girls to the temple,” BJP MLA Rakesh Nainwal is quoted as saying. “They know that it is a temple and it is a pious place.” Rajkumar Thukral, another BJP MLA, is quoted as saying that it was an attempt to hurt the Hindu community’s religious feelings. He questioned the act, saying when Hindus do not go to mosques knowing it is not a place for them, why the Muslims come to the temple.



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