Girls protests erupt as Vishwa Bharati school in Srinagar ‘bans’ Abaya


by Muslim Mirror Staff

On Thursday, a group of students from Vishwa Bharti Higher Secondary School in Srinagar’s Rainawari area staged a demonstration against the school administration. The students claimed that they were being prevented from entering the school while wearing the traditional Islamic attire known as ‘Abaya.’

The school management told the students that they had received the orders from “higher-ups.”

The students accused the school authorities of introducing co-education within the institution, despite it being originally established as a girls-only school.

“We are being told that we must go to a Madrassa if we want to wear an Abaya (head cover). The school administration is telling us that we are ruining the atmosphere of the school,” the protesting students said.

The students clarified that their protest was not against individuals wearing different attire, but rather about their right to adhere to their personal choice of covering their heads. They expressed that they should not be prevented from following their preferred mode of modesty and head covering, emphasizing the importance of respecting their religious and cultural beliefs.

“Aap loug yahan ka mahoul kharab karte ho. Hijab mai pehnke kaand karte ho aur apne ghar walon ka naam kharab karte ho,” the prinicipal allegedly told the female students. (You Hijab wearing girls have ruined the atmosphere of the school. You are scandalous and are ruining the name of your families.)

“Who are they to judge us because of what we wear. We are being discriminated in sports activities and other co-curricular activities. Male students keep smoking inside the college, nobody has an issue with that, but as soon as female students start following what they choose, people have issues,” a protesting student asked.

The school principal maintained their stance by reiterating that while the school has its own dress code, girls who choose to wear ‘Abaya’ have never faced any restrictions.

“Yesterday, I informed teachers to ask those students not to wear Abaya on the school premises but they can come in Abaya until they reach the school premises in order to maintain decorum.”

Additionally, the principal clarified that there is no external authority involved in the matter.

“We will announce a proper colour and pattern of ‘Abaya’ for all those students who want come to school wearing the same,. We are not allowing colourful Abayas to be followed in the institution” she said.


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