Grand Mufti of Egypt praises PM Modi for ‘promoting unity’ in India

by Muslim Mirror Staff

Grand Mufti Shawki Ibrahim Abdel-Karim Allam of Egypt commended Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his dedicated efforts in “fostering social integration within India.”

The religious leader acknowledged the policies implemented by PM Modi, which according to him have effectively brought about coexistence among diverse factions within the country.

Grand Mufti Allam also praised the leadership of PM Modi and applauded the remarkable “progress and development achieved under his administration in India.”

“I was honoured to meet PM Modi today, this was our second meeting. Between the two meetings, I have seen that there is great development in India. PM Modi reflects wise leadership for a big country like India,” the Grand Mufti told ANI.

“Wise policies are being adopted by PM Modi in bringing co-existence between the various factions in India. At the religious level, we have strong cooperation with India. The Indian side is also going to provide an Information Technology Centre of Excellence here. We have lots of scope of cooperation,” he said.

According to a statement released by the Ministry of External Affairs, the Grand Mufti expressed his fond memories of visiting India and highlighted the strong people-to-people connection between India and Egypt while presenting a gift to Prime Minister Modi. The discussions held between the two leaders primarily centred around addressing the issues of extremism and radicalization.

During the visit, Prime Minister Modi conducted a roundtable meeting with his Egyptian counterpart, Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly. Additionally, PM Modi had a meeting with the newly established India Unit within the Egyptian Cabinet, which is led by Prime Minister Madbouly. The formation of this India Unit took place earlier in the year, following the state visit of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to India, where he served as the chief guest for Republic Day 2023.


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  1. This highlights various problems that plague the Ummah & which we DESERVE to suffer as we do not use the capacity of critical thinking skills that the Creator has gifted us for free.

    This is “in part” due to the Mongol onslaughts & Western Colonialism on the INSTITUTIONS & INDIVIDUALS being weakened/destroyed, when we were at our height.

    It is centuries since Muharram 656H (which I think equates to January 1258 C.E.)
    It is just over a a century since the Shield of the Ummah & the Fall of Osmanli Khilafat in Rabi Al Awwal 1341H.
    It is not that long since Ramadhan 1366H (~ August 1947 C.E.) when many colonized lands began getting physical “freedom” yet still obliviously, we wear mental shackles.

    To this day many of the traumatized wear the prison garb e.g. positive hatred of getting involved in POLITICS , bewilderment at the NECESSITY for studying SOCIOLOGY & thinking that HISTORY is for wastrels “time-pass” cheez.

    With that kind of lobotomized & disembowelled narrow low functioning day to day operating habit, we DESERVE to be FEASTED upon by the ravenous vultures.

    Just as at the time of the CRUSADES, so much of those meant to guide us are paddling in their roles like ducks, oblivious of the BIG PICTURE & their vital role.

    The #GODSE_griot script is lacking comprehension of Indian politics (ISLAMOPHOBIC & Minorities) or a state-sponsored religious RUBBER STAMP for $1$1 thugs “blood money”. At least the Indian Muslim “Ulama” have some kind of half excuse for their abandonment of dignified bearers of truth i.e. SURVIVAL.

    If the LINOs (Leaders in name only) are too scared to fulfil their actual roles, then ordinary individual unpaid volunteer heroes have to defend the smashed ummah. Otherwise we DESERVE FURTHER DESTRUCTION according to the unemotional iron laws of nature.

    It would be interesting to see if this script was misled by their own narrow research, their State Controllers feeding them a pre-vetted speech, or craven smiling Indian Ulama behaving like KAPOS?

    At least the non-Muslim relatively aware political leadership e.g. #USCIRF & OBAMA are not as abject in their pathetic fawning covering up of the spilt blood.

    SHAME on those of us who are content to allow for tumult & OPPRESSION as it is worse than slaughter

    One would think that for such a responsible position in a HEALTHY democratic nation (as opposed to Pharaohnic dictatorship ) that the high religious representatives having a political role, would read widely about the state of Muslim minorities.
    Even I, a nobody, has a decent level of general knowledge e.g. I can recount from memory the persecution of Muslims anywhere on the planet & a brief synopsis of their ethno-genesis.



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