Harassed by seniors over caste, Muslim doctor commits suicide in Mumbai


Muslim tribal doctor commits suicide in Mumbai,  after allegedly harrassed on caste  lines by seniors

In a shocking incident, a postgraduate student of gynaecology, Dr Payal Tadvi committed suicide after being allegedly tortured by three of her seniors. The incident occurred on May 22.


Dr. Payal belonged to Bhil Muslim community, a Muslim tribal group in Maharashtra.

The 26-year-old woman and the absconding seniors were post graduate students of the Topiwala National Medical college.

As per a report by Maktoob media, Dr Payal was taunted about her caste and her admission to the course through the reserved quota.

Payal had joined the PG course at Topiwala National Maedical College on May 1, 2018. Even in December 2018, she had informed her family about the harassment.

Tadvi’s mother, who is suffering from cancer said, “We had started reporting this to the officials concerned. We had even met a lecturer and the hostel warden, who had called these three seniors and asked them not to behave this way with Payal.

“I had called her in the afternoon of May 22, when she told me her seniors were still torturing her. I told her that her father and I were coming to Mumbai to file a complaint at the hospital and the police station, but she couldn’t bear it any longer,” Abeda Tadvi said as quoted by Mid-Day

Her husband Dr Salman had also complained to the department. He said that Payal’s unit was changed after the complaint but then she moved back to her old unit where the harassment started again.

Reportedly, the deceased had performed two surgeries earlier in the day. Around 3-4 hours later her body was discovered hanging by a dupatta from a ceiling fan in the room, after she didn’t answer the door knocks. She was taken to the emergency ward, where doctors declared her dead.

A case has been registered against the three seniors, which includes sections from the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act.


  1. People embraced Islam for various reasons and This is what gifted to them now.
    Ineffictiveness of indian muslim now taking them towards ghulami.
    Do Islam advocates bowing to others?
    Contradictory things will end up unfavourable output.

    • Bhai, Hindi/Urdu transliteration may bhi likh sakte ho!
      Kuchch doosron ko samajh to aaye!
      Maa’azrat ke saath!

      • 1)Islam make people to survive and sustain
        2)Islam make people to defend themselves.
        3) Islam do not allow sucide.
        Everything above failed in this case.hope u got.

  2. This is utter nonsense. A true Muslim is never casteism.It is a major seen but unfortunately it is so deep rooted in Muslim society.And nothing is done in this regard

  3. Shameful loss of the SC/ST and Muslim….both under-privilged sections of our Adani-Savarna racist society.

    Shame on these ‘casteist doctors’ who cannot fight the corrupt Manuwadi system, but target helpless individuals;
    and shame on the teachers and colleagues who conveniently looked the other way when they saw clear racism and oppression…like they do in mob-lynching.
    They are all murderers.

  4. Kindly read news carefully, it’s not about casteism, it’s about shaming on getting admitted through reservation

  5. Suicide is not a Solution to any problem!!!

    Allah Says in the Holy Quran
    Chapter 2 Surah Baqarah
    Verse 286:

    On no soul doth Allah place a burden greater than it can bear.


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