12 Muslim faces in Biden administration


By Muslim Mirror Web Desk

New Delhi: As many as 12 Muslim Americans have been selected for various positions in the new US administration, led by Joe Biden. The induction of so many Muslim faces is reflective of how the new government is going to function in the upcoming four years.

Biden has received appreciations from various groups and individuals for forming a team that comprises people from various sections of the society.

He was also praised for excluding two Democrats, Sonal Shah and Amit Jani who were purportedly linked with India’s Hindu right-wing organisation, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, which is the parent organisation of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party.

List of Muslim Americans appointed by Joe Biden in his Admin:

1-Aisha Shah – partnership Manager at the White House Office of Digital Strategy

2-Sameera Fazili – Deputy Director at the US National Economic Council (NEC)

3-Uzra Zeya – Under Secretary of State for Civilian Security, Democracy, and Human Rights

4-Ali Zaidi – Deputy National Climate Advisor

5-Zayn Siddique – White House Deputy Chief of Staff

6-Reema Dodin – Deputy Director of the White House Office of Legislative Affairs

7-Maher Bitar, Senior Director for Intelligence, White House National Security Council

8-Samiyyah Ali ,Deputy Associate Counsel,

9-Salman Ahmed, Director of Policy Planning, State Department

10-Farook Mitha, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense

11-Dana Shanat, White House Senior Legistaltive Affairs Advisor

12-Saima Mohsin, U.S. Attorney for Eastern District of Attorney.

 White House -Kashmir connection

Sameera Fazili is the daughter of a Kashmir-born doctor couple, Muhammad Yusuf Fazili and Rafiqa Fazili, originally from the Gojwara area. Her selection for a key position sparked celebrations in the Indian-run part of Kashmir. Moreover, other Muslim officials also belong to immigrant families based in the US. Aisha Shah, a Kashmir born woman, has bagged a senior position at the White House Office of Digital Strategy.


  1. I congratulate the newcomers to the administration and sincerely hope that their loyalty is not divided. I want to believe they were thoroughly vetted for any blind faith in Quran or allegiance – overt OR covert – to any extremist groups.

  2. Very much delighted, not only for me but also who appreciate peace, harmony and reconciliation between all communities. I trust these American Muslims first they must obey the teaching of Islam about they patriotism of their country US, and then raise their flag to safeguard oppressed Muslim population all over the world within the framework of the American Constitution and their policies. Insha Allah, The US will trust Muslims for their god-fearing and trustworthy.

  3. Allah will guide them by Allah angels throughout their time in their position. The holy Quran and words of the Muhammad are best guidance for whole humankind. The Holy Quran and the Muhammad words good for anyone if the person understands “why” “when” “where” the verse was revealed. In order to understand the Quran we must know life of The Muhammad and the religion history. It’s best for us to listen to Muslim scholars at first the do our own study homework. Allah guide us here for after life. Ameen.

    • To know Mohammad you can start at ayah 74:11 ‘Leave with the one I created alone” Read the next 19 verses. Waraqah was an Ebionite monk, a Christian Jew. Whose sect believed Barnabas was the newest 12th disciple after the death of Judas instead of Matthias. And if you’ve read there is the phony “revelations of Barnabas” revealing Mohammad as the savior with Christ as a messenger for him.
      One of Mohammad’s 99 names “Yasin” is complete garbage in reference to chapter 36 Ya Seen. Which is in fact about the moongod Sin whom Arab’s worshipped long before Islam. Islamic scholars and adherents only wanted it to be about Mohammad.
      About Allah, one of his names is Al Warith or Heir/ Inheritor of all. A heir is just that like I inherit my fathers last name. Allah is Enlil and Sin is the son of Enlil. Born in darkness after Enlil was cast down for raping Ninlil.
      The symbol of islam is also the symbol of Wadd/Sin the crescent moon and star. Most importantly it’s greatest symbol is the “serpent”. During Hajj most your prayers are for forgiveness of your Sins. Our moon was a messenger believed to have come to punish the sinners on earth. Seen as a messenger of gods wrath.
      You see judgement day occurred long ago and there is plenty of physical evidence to confirm it. But Enlil/Allah isn’t finished with man. Still wants to destroy humanity so you muslims can rise from the grave and be given a new body and live forever in Paradise. Old story sold long ago as well.
      As I understand it muslims really do look forward to the day humanity is destroyed

  4. It’s great that all these jobs were given to Muslims, however, Amit Jani who was a staunch democrat & worked for Governor Murphy. He believed in Biden & left his job with Governor & joined Biden during primary. He is American born child has no connection with RSS worked so hard & made Biden win.

    This is the reward for supporting Democratic Party. Yes his father was friends with Prim-minister Modi. There is no relationship at all at this time. Otherwise Amit should have gotten a good position in the Indian Govt.

    Does anyone agree that if your parents are friends with someone, you have to pay the price for their old friendship.

    Imagine when he was working on Biden campaign he was boycotted by most of the Indians who were supporting Trump, he tolerated all that & now he is being rewarded for being loyal democrat.

  5. “For truth seeker”
    I am delighted & congratulate those Americans who are selected by President Biden for his team, NOT merely based on their religion. It is amazing how some people have the knack spreading hate , bigotry & division no matter what.

  6. A bunch of Marxist-Islamist traitors who should never be in the US government. I am a secular Muslim, these people are not. We will vote for Trump again in 2024.


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