Hijab as important as education: Petitioners

Muslim Female Students

Bengaluru: Six students who were among the first few girls affected by the hijab ban at a college in Karnataka expressed their disappointment over the high court’s verdict. They said hijab is as important as education.

They maintained that they will not give up hijab at any cost and continue their legal battle. “We are feeling betrayed by our own country. They are just saying that hijab is not important. While Quran clearly says hijab is mandatory,” Almas said.


“If we are allowed to write exams, they need to allow us with hijab. Otherwise we will not attend classes. We will not go to college without hijab…,” another student petitioner Aliya Assadi said.

“The constitution is good, but people who are running it are not. We are mentally traumatised,” she said.

“If hijab was not necessary we would not have taken up the agitation. Quran clearly mentions about hijab. If hijab was not necessary we would not have worn it,” she added.

She further alleged that the issue has been blown out of proportion for political gains. “It has been made communal for the reason.”

“This is not a stay on hijab, this is a stay on our education. Dr B.R. Ambedkar would have cried today if he would have been alive and he would have sulked after seeing the plight,” Almas maintained.

“We did not get justice regarding hijab. We expected to get our constitutional right. We will talk to our advocates and take a call in few days. We have not taken any decision yet” she said.

— IANS, edited


  1. Are these girls using covid mask as part of Hijab or to ward off Covid, while no one is seen to observe covid mask so meticulously now? Not sure who they are trying to fool in India.


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