Hijab Row: Teacher attacked, Muslim student beaten as Karnataka BJP MLA watches

BENGALURU:  Shocking details are emerging from the widespread incidents of violence from across Karnataka on Tuesday in the backdrop of hijab row. The miscreants have attacked a teacher with iron rods causing severe head injuries to him in Bagalkot district. BJP MLA Haratalu Halappa stood as a mute spectator even as a student was beaten up by a mob in Shivamogga district.

Manjunath Naik (30), a school teacher has been attacked with iron rods by miscreants in Banahatti town of Bagalkot district after the violence erupted following students protest. “I was crossing the road when a group of people attacked me with iron rods on my head. I couldn’t realize what was happening,” a bleeding Manjunath Naik explained to media persons.

He was taken to hospital by the police later. The situation is still tense in Banahatti town and the police has made elaborate arrangements to avoid any incident of violence.

In another incident, BJP MLA Haratalu Halappa remained a mute spectator even as the violent mob attacked a student. The incident happened when Halappa visited Sagar District Hospital to inquire about injured students in the stone pelting and lathicharge incident.

A large number of student groups have been stationed at the entrance of the hospital. The student groups tried to pour out complaints to Halappa. Hindu as well Muslim students raised slogans and condemned each other. Meanwhile, the incident took a violent turn when the saffron shawl cladding students suddenly attacked a student who was raising slogans in support of hijab.

Even as violence was unfolding before him, MLA Halappa did not make any attempt to stop the crowd involved in violence. The video has gone viral and drawing sharp reactions from the public.

In yet another incident in Mandya district, a hijab wearing college student had to bear the brunt of the anger of hundreds of students at PES College. The students started raising slogans of Jai Shri Ram as soon as they spotted a hijab wearing student. Angered by this, the young woman raised the slogan of ‘Allah hu Akbar’. The mob got more angry by this and started following the lady, raising the slogan of ‘Jai Shri Ram’ more vigorously.

C.B. Ryshyanth, Superintendent of Police of Davanagere district where prohibitory orders are clamped till Wednesday evening stated that, the police department has taken suo motu complaint of the violence that has taken place in Davanagere and Harihara twin cities. “CCTV footage is available. Whoever is involved will not be spared. We don’t make any arrests unnecessarily. I request people not to come out of their houses,” he stated.

Siddaramaiah, the Opposition leader has slammed the ruling BJP government for the situation in the state. He said, the provocative statements by the Home and Education Ministers are responsible for the present situation in the state. The issue could have been solved at the local level in the initial stages. Now the ruling government is in a helpless state, he chided.

Meanwhile. K.S. Eshwarappa, Minister for Rural Development and Panchayat Raj charged that Congress is behind the hijab crisis in the state for vote bank politics. -IANS

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