Hindu doctor recites Kalima for dying Muslim patient

Dr Rekha (Instagram)

Dr Rekha Krishna said she only returned the respect and consideration she got in the Gulf

By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi: A Hindu woman doctor has been receiving appreciation and blessings from across the world for setting an example of humanity and kindness.

Dr Rekha Krishna recited the Islamic prayer, La Ilaha Illalla, Muhammadur Rasululla, in the ears of a dying Muslim patient at a private hospital in Pattambi in Palakkad city of Kerala.

”I felt that she was having some problems in leaving the earthly abode. Then, I slowly recited Kalima (La Ilaha Illalla, Muhammadur Rasululla) in her ears. I could see her taking a few deep breaths and then she flatlined,” said Dr Rekha.

Dr Rekha says she was born and brought up in Dubai. Hence, she was aware of customs followed by Muslims. He added: “It happened at the spur of the moment — and maybe, because of my upbringing in Dubai,” she said.

The doctor said she only returned the respect and consideration she got in the Gulf.

“I was never discriminated against because of my faith when I was in the Gulf and I returned the respect when I got a chance. I was brought up in a surrounding where every faith is respected,” Dr Rekha said.


  1. No big deal.

    “Mun thurpat Hari dershan ko aaj,” a popular bhajan, was composed by Shakeel Badayuni, set to music by Naushad Ali and sung by Mohammad Rafi.

    I’ve just read reports of the Ramayan and Mahabharat being included in the curriculum of Saudi Arabia schools.

    it’s about time we realized Ishwar and Allah are just two of the many names we have given to our perception of the
    Ultimate Reality.

    • No big deal? I can only hope you’re not discouraging your children (if you have any) from doing some “extra good” to the world. Really? You start your response with a negative comment and went on to show you know curriculum of Saudi etc? Really?!? Ever heard of being a positive person? I’m sure not!

  2. Response to Mohammed Ajmal Basha:

    Did you know Naushad Ali, an acclaimed music director of India’s film industry was kicked out of his father’s house in Lucknow because his consuming passion was music, which was contrary to his father’s perception of Islam.

    Here in Toronto a Muslim student of mine fell in love with a non-practising Catholic.
    Her parents instructed her to tell the guy to convert to Islam before she would marry him.
    When she did as she was told, the guy responded:
    “I have no faith in any religion, but I am not opposed to you believing in and practising whatever you believe in.
    But if you want me to convert and believe in what you believe in, it indicates to me that you love your religion more than you love me. Consequently, we will have to end our relationship.”
    Since her love for him was strong, and she was free to practise her religion, they got married at court.
    As a result, her parents threw her out of their house, forbade her to ever show them her face again.
    They then performed rituals as though she were dead.
    The married couple live happily. Their children go to a secular public school. For them, religion is irrelevant to human affairs.


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