Hindu groups call again to boycott Halal meat during festive season in Karnataka

Halal Meat

BENGLURU : The Halal versus Jhatka row surfaced again in Karnataka with Hindutva groups giving a call to the community members not to consume meat prepared through Halal cut by Muslims but to instead eat meat prepared through Jhatka cut by Hindus.

The call has been given on the occasion of the ‘Ugadi’ and ‘Hosa Toduku’ festivals. Meat is eaten during the celebration of the festivals across Karnataka. While celebrating ‘Hosa Toduku’ entire villages, cities and towns cook non-vegetarian food and invite friends and relatives to feast on it. The call for a ban on Halal meat is perceived to affect thousands of Muslim traders.

Karnataka Hindu Janjagruthi Vedike members have submitted a memorandum to the Bengaluru district magistrate demanding not to give Halal certificate to meat shops. They also demanded a ban on Halal meat and Jhatka meat for Hindus during the Ugadi festival.

Ugadi will be celebrated on Wednesday and Hosa Todaku the next day. Hindu activists have carried out an awareness march and distributed handbills in Bengaluru.

Puneeth Kerehalli, a Hindu activist, claimed that Muslim traders are dominating through Halal cut meat shops. To prevent this, an awareness campaign is being carried out, he added.

In Halal cut meat, the animal’s throat is slit and blood is drained out before cutting the meat, while in Jhatka cut, the animal’s neck is cut fully once and meat is prepared with draining blood. — IANS


  1. Majority non-Muslims do not know what Halal vs Haram is. Halal Meat issue has been created by Bhagwa since long time, I am wondering why no Muslim organization come forward to tell non-Muslims the importance of Halal vs Haram in our life. In Islam, Halal vs Haram differentiate what can be eat and what can be done vs what can not be, ex, giving money for interest is Haram in Islam. We Muslims know Halal means that can be accepted, but why do not we take responsibility to tell non-Muslims the necessity of Halal things in our life and its uses in our life. Bhagwa making issues, and we Muslims are just provoked. Unfortunately, we still do not learn how to counter Bhagwa.


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