Hindu Mahasabha members slaughtered cows themselves to incite communal violence: UP Police


By Muslim Mirror Network

Communal violence erupted in various cities, including Bihar and Bengal, following the occasion of Ram Navami. Meanwhile, a shocking incident of cow slaughter in UP’s Agra has been uncovered.

According to a report by Amar Ujala, officials of the Hindu Mahasabha allegedly slaughtered cows themselves to provoke communal violence. The police, however, said that the Hindu Mahasabha lacks the expertise or knowledge to be involved in slaughtering a cow.

According to the report, the slaughter was carried out at the new Gupha in the Gautam Nagar of Agra’s Etemad-ud-Daula police station area

The police have accused officials of the Akhil Bharat Handu Mahasabha, with the National Spokesperson Sanjay Jat being named as the main suspect, of conspiring to carry out the cow slaughter. Some workers of the organization were also allegedly involved in the plot. However, Jat denies the accusations and claims that he and other officials have been falsely implicated, and that they had prior knowledge of the incident only through hearsay. He stated that the Mahasabha will investigate the matter and seek a meeting with Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.


  1. They probably learnt it from studying the VEDAS or participated in the GADHIMAI in the Hindu rashtra of Nepal >

    ” Scholars have known for centuries that the ANCIENT INDIANS ate beef. After the 4 B.C., when the practice of vegetarianism spread throughout India among Buddhists, Jains & Hindus, many Hindus continued to eat beef. ”

    “In the time of the oldest Hindu sacred text, the RIG VEDA (c. 1500 B.C.), cow meat was consumed.”


    “According to these texts, “the COW is food.” Even when one passage in the “Shatapatha Brahmana” ( forbids the eating of either cow or bull, a revered ancient Hindu sage named Yajnavalkya immediately contradicts it, saying that, nevertheless, he eats the meat of both cow and bull, “as long as it’s tender.”

    https://www.versobooks.com/en-gb/products/1789-the-myth-of-the-holy-cow by D. N. Jha


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