Hindu Mahasabha people ‘purify’ Trimbakeshwar Temple after alleged trespass by some Muslims


NASHIK : As a political brawl erupted over the alleged trespass of the famed Trimbakeshwar Temple by some Muslims on May 13, a group of Hindu Mahasabha men ‘purified’ the entrance to the place of worship, here on Wednesday.

The Hindu Mahasabha President, Anand Dave also demanded police action against the alleged trespassers, failing which he threatened that all temples in the state would be shut in protest.

Soon after the temple opened for regular ‘darshan’, a group of Hindu Mahasabha men, chanting hymns and raising slogans, sprinkled ‘holy water’ around the gate and entrance to the temple and then showered flowers as a symbolic purification of the area.

A huge row was kicked up after some Muslims in an ‘Urs’ procession on Saturday night tried to offer incense at the temple as in the past, but they were not permitted.

As some purported videos of the incident went viral, there were group clashes in this pilgrimage town early Sunday.

Shiv Sena (UBT) Chief Spokesperson Sanjay Raut said today (May 17) that “there were no forcible attempts to enter or trespass” inside the temple precincts and the Muslim devotees were merely trying to offer ‘incense dhoop’ as they traditionally do after their ‘Urs’.

“There seems to be a conspiracy to disrupt the social harmony in the state by some persons masquerading in the name of Hindutva… The Muslims had gone there to offer their respects with ‘incense dhoop’ like they did for many years… Many Hindus also go to offer prayers at various ‘dargahs’ (mausoleums) like Haji Ali, Ajmer and others… What’s wrong in this,” said Raut.

The Bharatiya Janata Party MLA Nitesh Narayan Rane hit back saying “this is Raut’s new love for Muslims” and reiterated that the Sena (UBT) had abandoned Hindutva.

As the ‘Urs’ organisers said there was no trespass bid, the state government ordered the filing of an FIR and named a high-level Special Investigation Team to probe the incident and a similar one in 2022. — IANS


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