Hindu petitioners in Gyanvapi case to form new trust

Gyanvapi Mosque

Varanasi : The Hindu petitioners in the Gyanvapi case have decided to form a new trust call Shri AdiMahadev Kashi Dharmalaya Mukti Nyas.

The Nyas will take care of all court cases related to the Gyanvapi mosque case.

The four women petitioners in the case will formally announce the formation of the trust on Monday evening.

Senior lawyer Hari Shankar Jain, Vishnu Jain and Ranjana Agnihotri will be present on the occasion.

According to sources, the trust will have 11 trustees, five invitees and four women petitioners. The trust will also manage expenses incurred in the cases.

It may be recalled that hearing will restart in the case form Tuesday. At present, the court is hearing the merits of the case.— IANS


  1. This is a new INDIA. No more Prithviraj approach of forgiveness. We will not resort to violence but begin a social boycott. We won’t trade with you won’t sell or buy anything from you. We will not hire you for any job and we won’t get into an auto rickshaw driven by your kind. We won’t rent homes to you. We will starve you until you leave the country or die.

  2. It is time for the Archaeological Society of India starts digging under the dargah in ajmer. Chisti the bulldozers are coming to your home too.


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