Hindu right-wing groups ask bus drivers not to stop at Muslim dhabas in Gujarat, warn them of ‘consequences’

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By Muslim Mirror Staff

Hindu right-wing groups have asked bus drivers not to stop at food stalls or dhabas owned by Muslims in Gujarat. They have issued a warning saying that those who will not do so will have to face consequences, Vibes of India reported.

Bajrang Dal and International Vishwa Hindu Parishad have issued this new diktat through social media and WhatsApp groups. Following their hate campaign, bus drivers have purportedly started avoiding dhabas owned by Muslims.

“Every day, minimum 11 buses used stop at my eatery. Today, none have,” a Muslim eatery owner on the highway in Saurashtra told Vibes of India on Thursday.

Most of roadside eateries in Gujarat are owned by Cheliyas, a Muslim community. They serve vegetarian food only and the name of their restaurants are like Bharat, Navbharat, NavGujarat, Tulsi, Kabir, Jaihind, Sarvodaya, Dine In, Drive In ect.

Raju Shevale, the secretary of the Surat unit of the International VHP confirmed his involvement in this hate campaign. He claimed that the highway restaurants run by Muslims use the same vessels to cook veg and non-veg food and “in fact, we have reports that they spit in vegetarian food items before serving them to the people.”

“If they still continue to halt their vehicles at Muslim joints, they would have to pay the price for this. We will not be responsible for the damage they suffer because of this,” he told Vibes of India.

A Gujarat-based NGO has written to DGP Ashish Bhatia seeking action over the same. The letter by Mujahid Nafees, convenor of NGO Minority Coordination Committee has sought registration of an FIR against people involved.



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