“Hindus are peace-loving. They do not indulge in rioting ,” says Assam Chief Minister

Himanta Biswa Sarma,

By Muslim Mirror Network

Himanta Biswa Sarma, the chief minister of Assam, praised India’s Hindu population in an interview with NDTV, claiming that they are “peace-loving” and do not “contribute to riots.”


“Hindus are peace-loving. They do not indulge in rioting. Hindus as a community do not even believe in jihad. The Hindu community will never indulge in rioting,” Sarma claimed.

When questioned about instances of communal violence, the BJP leader said that Hindus do not adhere to the notion of “jihad.”

He also stated that the Gujarat government’s efforts have resulted in peace in the state since 2022.

“There has been peace since 2002 in Gujarat because of what the Gujarat government has done. Action has been taken against rioters. I have to ensure that there is peace in Assam too,” he said.

He claimed that his efforts had also contributed to Assam’s peace.

When asked about the demolition of mosques, Sarma noted that the BJP governments had also demolished several temples for road projects.

The Assam CM said that the government bulldozed madrassas in Assam in accordance with the law and with the consent of the local people.


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