Hindus in Bangladesh may face reactions, Sheikh Hasina warns india on communal violence

Sheikh Hasina
  • India should remain vigilant against escalation of any communal violence, ‘Incidents’ could influence Hindu community in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Thursday, during a virtual interaction with members of the Hindu community said the country expects that nothing happens in India, which could influence any situation in Bangladesh affecting the Hindu community there.

“You all know that those who came to power in our country after 1975 used religion to divide people… The rise of global terrorism also has had its impact on our country. Countering this is not only our responsibility, and neighbouring countries like India should also remain vigilant… India did help us in the liberation war (of 1971) and we will remain ever grateful for the support… But they (India) have to be aware that such incidents should not take place there which would have an impact on Bangladesh, and the Hindus in our country face attacks,” the Telegraph quoted the Bangladeshi Premier as saying.


“Some people are religiously blind and they always want to create communal conflicts. These people belong not only to the Muslim community, but belong to other religious faiths as well,” The Independent quoted Hasina as saying.

She also vowed to take action against people who vandalised some Hindu temples during Durga Puja celebrations.

“The incidents in Comilla are being thoroughly investigated. Nobody will be spared. It doesn’t matter which religion they belong to. They will be hunted down and punished,” Sheikh Hasina said while addressing the Hindu community during an event at Dhakeshwari National Temple in Dhaka.

“We are getting a large amount of information. This is an era of technology and those involved in the incident will definitely be tracked down with the use of the technology,” she added.

During Durga Puja celebrations in Bangladesh, some Hindu temples were vandalised by unidentified persons, killing at least four people.


  1. Look at the photo of Ms. Hasina chosen by MM. Read the piece and the caption chosen by MM. Also read what Ms. Hasina promised the Hindus in Bangladesh just yesterday.

    This is the Islamist DNA: Blame the situation in “my house” on “The Hindus”. Highlight the threats of violence and terror to achieve infamous goals. Terrorize the population by gratuitous violence into silence.

    Islam and Islamism are different from each other. Too many Islamists and not enough followers of Rumi & Kabir speak up.

    Terror in Afghanistan; terror in Pakistan; terror in Kashmir; terror in Bangladesh; terror in England; terror in France, terror in the US of A, terror in the Philippines, terror in India,……

    My way or the Highway

  2. Dont call them “Hindu”, but as “Aryanists”; as the word “Hindu” originated from the Arabic word “Al Hind” which means only India. This identity is being used by the Aryans to impose their religion on the non-Aryan Indians, and pose themselves as majority even though they are minority than Muslims in India. That is the only way forward for the Muslims in India.

    • “the only way forward for the Muslims in India” is to divide and dismember Bharat by revisionism, lies, hyperbolic claims, etc., right? Have you ever thought about advocating equality for women, education, one set of laws for all citizens of Bharat, work for the promotion and welfare of willfully suppressed minorities among Muslims such as the Shias, publicly denouncing Quran-authorized terrorism against “Kaffirs”, etc., etc.,

  3. History is full of statistics which are screaming truth yet you choose to ignore all statistics,

    Declining Hindu population in Bangladesh region
    Year Percentage (%)
    1901 33.00
    1911 31.50
    1921 30.60
    1931 29.40
    1941 28.00
    1951 22.05
    1961 18.50
    1974 13.50
    1981 12.13
    1991 10.51
    2001 9.20
    2011 8.96
    Source: Census of India 1901-1941, Census of East Pakistan 1951-1961, Bangladesh Government Census 1974-2011

    Data from Pakistani census statistics site http://www.pbscensus.gov.pk shows….

    The record of Pakistan is even worst. 1951 census shows 22% hindu in 1991 1.8% hindu were left gradually reducing hindus only due to hindu killings by pakistanis muslims.

    On the other In hindu majority India the muslims population is growing and muslims are becoming prosperous they enjoy all kinds of positions of power in India. This is fact . Muslims have habit of propaganda, they are organised machinery of propaganda run by Pakistanis supported by other muslims globally.

    In Pakistan they allowed only 1% minorities to survive to showcase that islam is tolerant religion. Which is not the case else Minorities would have survived in their respective nations. The fact of the matter is there are no Jews left in Arab and Muslim countries, no Buddhist left in Afghanistan, no Hindus left in Pakistan and Bangladesh, no Zoroastrians left in Iran , this itself is evidence of lack of tolerance towards others by Muslims, if you see other side Muslims are flourishing in India a majority Hindu country and non-Muslim country.
    Balochistan was a independent country like Tibet where in the former was colonized by Pakistan the later was colonized by China. Both now partners in racist Crimes and terrorism.

    • Idiot which propaganda are you publishing.you seriously 😒 is posting from WhatsApp university.Betaji first read the indiatoday article on population of Afghanistan,Pakistan and Bangladesh.Also if you are talking about Pakistan,read this Hindu population of pakistan-vedkabhedwordpress. Also who told you there is no jew in Muslim countries.There are Jews in Bahrain,Iran,Morocco,and turkey.And Buddhist still exist in Indonesia,Malaysia,bangladesh,Pakistan,and even in uae.Also pliz concern yourself on declining population of Indian Jews,parsi and emigration of India then talk.


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