Hindutva ‘anchor’ Suresh Chavanke calls for converting 40 lakh Muslim women to Hinduism

Suresh Chavanke

Suresh Chavanke, the controversial news anchor and editor-in-chief of Sudarshan News, has called for the conversion of 40 lakh Muslim women to Hinduism in order to increase the declining ratio of Hindu women.

Speaking to a YouTube channel, Chavanke, a notorious Hindutva anchor well-known for his hateful speeches against Muslims and Christians, made these contentious statements.


“As women outnumber men among Hindus, we need forty lakh women from the Muslim community to raise the ratio. Next, we equalise the gender distribution among Hindus. Tell this Maulana that there are currently 30 lakh Muslims, so we don’t need to be concerned. For another 10 lakh, we will see it later, said Chavanke.

The ‘advantages’ of Muslim women marrying Hindus were also tallied by Chavanke. He asserted that Muslim women who marry Hindus won’t have a third woman in their lives or serve as human reproduction factories. He made the dog whistle claim that Muslim women who marry Muslim men turn into a factory of automatons for bearing children.

According to Chavanke’s latest tirade, there is a deliberate campaign underway to convert Muslims to Hinduism in large numbers over the next few days. Muslims will perform “ghar wapsi” (homecoming) on March 21 at an occasion scheduled in Pune.

For making hateful remarks at the Dharam Sansad in New Delhi in December 2021, Chavanke already has a FIR filed against him. The Delhi Police had received harsh criticism from the Supreme Court for being cowardly in pursuing legal action against him.


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