Hindutva outfit forming ‘group of 1000 warriors’ for each district across India


By Ubair Ul Hameed, Muslim Mirror

New Delhi: Messages, which call for violence against Muslims, are being circulated on social media through Whatsapp groups’. The messages are being largely endorsed and shared among the Hindu community, instigating them to ‘save their religion’. The messages address Muslims as the enemies of their religion and the country. The language of these messages is smartly articulated to further the message.


One such audio recording, which is a conversation call between a woman and a man, is also being shared on WhatsApp. In the audio, two people can be heard speaking about the “movement” to unite Hindus against Muslims. The audio also reveals how Muslim women are being threatened and beaten in Karnataka by right-wing outfits.

The woman speaking in the audio tells that she hails from the Janakpuri area of Delhi and the other voice introduces himself as Sanjay Vashisht, National Secretary of a Hindutva outfit, hailing from Uttrakhand.

The woman keeps instigating over the call and asks, “What is stopping Hindus from unleashing violence on Muslims? I spend 2-3 hours of my day for this work only to monitor why Hindus in the country are so scared?”

She also encourages violence in the name of Nationalism and says, “What are we creating for our future generations? A Muslim mob will come and kill all of us one day, so we also need to come up with Hindu combat forces.”

The man on the other side says that they are continuously working to create not only forces but an army which will fight Muslims.

“We have created armies in 12 districts of India so far and my motive is to create similar armies in 726 districts of India,” he says.

Both of them also plan to brainwash and take advantage of underprivileged children to further their agenda against Muslims.

The woman says that they should carry the fire inside their hearts to bring Modi again to power in the upcoming elections in each state.

However, the man sounds hyper-nationalistic and calls out the RSS and the BJP by saying, “How can they let Hindus and Sanatan religion die like this?”

The woman goes on to ask Vashisht that, if there there was any way to throw Kejriwal out of power from Delhi. To which Vashisht replies that they are planning to expand their organization to the National capital where they will be giving training and weapons to youth and they will carry forward the agenda.

In the audio, they also say that Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal is a ‘thorn’ and ‘Python’ and is an enemy of Sanatan Religion and Hindu and should be killed like Mahatma Gandhi, father of the nation.

“Why can’t we kill Kejriwal like we killed Gandhi in the past?”The woman says.

She further says that if she will ever get a chance she is ready to kill enemies of Hindus and the Sanatan religion.

Sanjay Vashisht aims to establish ‘Gurukuls’ in various parts of the country to sensitize and motivate Hindus against Muslims.

In the audio, He openly warns and tells the woman on call that he will finish off people who are raising voice about the recent Mob lynching of Asif Khan in Mewat district of Haryana.

Another message, which went viral on WhatsApp, demands Hindus to stock materials like swords, petrol, diesel, kerosene, bricks, etc; under the garb of using them at various day-to-day occasions. However, the message cunningly ends on the note that “Are you getting the meaning of the message?”

Hate crimes against Muslims in India have reached a new high, every other day stories of Muslims getting beaten, abused and lynched are making headlines. Earlier, this month, the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) said that the organisation was “concerned about religious freedom conditions in India”.

Many other rights bodies have called for action against the growing intolerance and Islamophobia in India.

Human Rights Watch (HRW), in February, accused the Indian government of adopting laws and policies that “systematically discriminate against Muslims and stigmatize critics of the government.”

“Prejudices embedded in the government of the ruling Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) have infiltrated independent institutions, such as the police and the courts, empowering nationalist groups to threaten, harass, and attack religious minorities with impunity, HRW had said.


  1. Time to ban the RSS and for the US to declare it as a terror organization is the need of the hour. These Hindutva terror organizations want to create a genocide against the minority population before they declare India as a Hindu nation.

  2. I rarely seen a person from Uttarakhand who is not speaking like sanjay.
    Pity on helpless indian muslim.

  3. Some idiots talk on the phone and MM makes a headline out of it 😑😑. MM reaply needs to mature and report news, not pulp reports.

    • @Marquis de kalia aka Hindu goo bhakt,

      You’re doing damage control minimizing the criminal and terroristic behavior of your fellow Hindu fanatics and terrorists. Openly calling for violence and murder is not something to be taken lightly. Now how about Muslims start arming themselves and call for “a bullet for each Hindu” you wouldn’t be taking it so easy, would you, asshole?
      Violence begets violence, and the only solution for Hindu shit eating terrorists is hygiene and a bullet.

      • Mr.Black aka black donkey sagger, We have every right to protect ourselves against increasing Islamic terrorism in india According to pew research, most people joining isis and terror organisations are from Indiaand Indonesia.But you sand ni**a desert cult followers will get triggered when some one talk about self defense against an impending threat that is islam. I dare you to come to street with your pig brain and bullet, then you will see the aftermath that will shake your core

        • “Self defense” by raping Muslim women. Hindus love taking their hate out on women as shown by their backwards practices like
          sati to dowry system.

          • Yeah, as if Muslims were pious and never used to take and rape women and children and make sex slaves of kaffir women to teach them a lesson.
            If still in doubt, the Arab world even has a term for a group of men harrasing a woman, تحرش جنسي (taharrush jinsi; sexual harassment).

          • Not an NPC bhakt,

            Hindu worldview is upside down. Terrorism, violence and rape(integral part of Hinduism) are all “self defense” to these disgusting pagan creatures. Also animal urine and sh1t are holy medicine, filth is cleanliness. Hindus are hopeless uncivilized braindead fanatics who need to be controlled and contained.

        • Satya ghatya aka lying Hindu street rat,

          The only terrorism in India comes from Hindus. Your lies and fake news fools no one, cow sh1t eater. You’re not victims but terrorists, which is why you will be dealt with. Pew research actually shows that Hindus are the least educated religious group in the world, also Hindus have the lowest hygiene with more then half of your sh1tting in the open. Not to mention low IQ. Hinduism is superstitious backward inhuman filthy garbage cult born out of the wicked minds of brahmins to keep you idiots in slavery worshipping millions of “gods” who look like circus freaks. I’m so scared of malnutritional monkey worshippers hahahahaha! You using racist terms like sand n*gger is hilarious considering you’re a darker then my shoe. Retarded Hindu extremists borrow racist ideas from the white supremacist they worship without realizing they are the target of the same insults lol Those same white supremacists call you smelly rotten curry munchers, and often think you are Africans! Hahahaha! Why are you unemployed Hindu pagan street sh1tters selling your kidneys and renting your sisters(aka mothers thanks to inbreeding) to get visas to Muslim countries to clean our toilets? Why are you begging for oxygen from Muslim countries? How ungrateful of you. It’s because it’s your natural station in life. India will never progress until the Hindu cancerous cult is gotten rid off.

          Don’t issue threats online unless you’re ready to put your address out , bhangi boy. Just my name would make you sh1t in your dhothi. Everybody know Hindus are cowards who attack in large groups. Expect me at your house with a bar of soap, that would kill you. The only aftermath will be the remains of your kali gaand will be burnt in a gutter and you will be reincarnated as a toilet seat for Muslims on beef haleem night.

      • Yo, I don’t understand why Mr.Black always get down to abusing others and so called character assassination. 😂😂 Looks like Mr.Black is yet another spoiled brat who can’t even debate facts. Also, Mr.Black about “”Now how about Muslims start arming themselves and call for “a bullet for each Hindu” you wouldn’t be taking it so easy”” well Owaisi’s younger brother did say on live TV that remove police for 15 min and see what we will do to the Hindus. Yet, no one takes him seriously🥴🥴 (bcs I myself live in Hyderabad), so nor should we take leaked call records from conspiracy theorists too seriously. Also, Satya needs to chill out, no need to get emotional bcs if Mr. Black is an Indian, then he must interact with many Hindus over the course of his life( if he has a life)which means he is simply an online keyboard warrior(ie an incel) and the medicine for people like him is being courteous and telling the truth. 🤣🤣

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        Theres a reason why India is the most dangerous country in the world for women, pathetic Hindu incel.


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