How India looks like under Narendra Modi’s rule

Narendra Modi

By Syed Ali Mujtaba

The first distinguishable feature of Modi’s India our country is slowly inching toward a ‘Totalitarian State’. The cornerstone of this is weakening the federal structure of the country. The Centre is usurping many of the powers of the state without any valid reasons. Home Minister Amit Shah has called for making Hindi, the national language without consulting the states. The Center is handpicking Governors who are notorious for their overreach. Most of the non-BJP ruled states have a running feud with their Governors. Some states have passed laws curtailing the powers of their Governors. In short, the relationship between states and the Centre is one of mistrust. This is due to the new posturing of the center to make India a ‘Totalitarian State.’


The logical fallout of this ambitious project is a ‘muscular approach’ toward governance. Its indication has come during the lockdown when the center without declaring the health emergency usurped the health subject of the state and declared a countrywide lockdown without taking concurrence from any of the states. This approach is tested in Jammu and Kashmir. In order to comprehend the brevity of this approach, one needs to look at the developments in Kashmir post-August 5, 2019. Willy-nilly the purported approach is likely to be applied to the rest of the country.

Raising the standard of revolt, the DMK leader, A Raja has implored Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah to provide ‘state autonomy’ to Tamil Nadu, and not push them to seek an independent country. “I am telling Amit Shah and the Prime Minister with utmost humility, I implore you not to push us on the path of Periyar. Do not make us seek a separate country, give state autonomy and we will not rest till then.”

“Tamil Nadu Governor R N Ravi has not given his assent to several bills passed by the State Assembly; Raja said and asked if hampering the development of the state was the idea of the Union government. Does the state government have any rights whatsoever, under the BJP-led dispensation, he wanted to know?

The other noticeable feature of Modi’s India is the division of the people on religious lines. The consolidation of the Hindus and the persecution of Muslims is a recurrent theme.  In most of the BJP-ruled states, Muslims are abused, vilified, and antagonized to polarize society on religious lines. Nonetheless, there is a certain degree of determination to rule the country on the 80 vs 20 model formula. And this is turning out to become a reality in India under Modi’s rule.

As a result, Modi’s India looks like a place of religious intolerance. It’s witnessing rising attacks on Muslims and Christians. The government’s response to such attacks is deplorable. Instead of putting a halt to religious intolerance, there is an escalation of religious violence under Modi’s rule. The political parties have little control over the communally polarized masses. None have the wherewithal to tame the beasts that are let loose by the government of the day for its nefarious ends.

The religious intolerance against some 20 crore Indian Muslims is being closely followed by as many as 57 Islamic majority countries that are members Organization of Islamic Countries OIC. They did caution the Modi government in 2020 when Tablighi Jammat members were vilified for being corona Jihadi in India.  Now the Nupur Sharma case is an extension of anti-Islamic activity being perpetrated in India. No one in Modi’s India is bothered about the consequences of such an inflammable agenda. Nearly 40 billion dollars come to India annually from the Middle East as remittances. Around 7.6 million Indian citizens work in Gulf countries. Suppose the anti-Islamic activity promoted in India triggers a backlash and the Gulf countries decide to reduce the Indian workforce or boycott Indian businesses and products. In such a situation who may be held responsible for it.  Can the government again get away blaming the fringe elements?

In Modi’s India, the common theme is lack of religious freedom, human rights abuses, and suppression of dissent. The government promptly swings into action if some dissenting voice is being raised. Arrests are made under draconian laws. Bulldozers are used to demolish protestors’ homes. There is no one to take cognizance of human rights violations allegedly committed by law enforcement officials against protesters and human rights defenders in India. This is a grim picture of India under Modi’s rule.

The other noticeable feature of Modi’s India is innumerable agitation taking place in different parts of the country by different groups. Earlier, Muslims agitated against the CAA and now against the remarks made about their Prophet. Farmers agitated against the Farm laws, Opposition parties agitated against the Land Acquisition reforms. Kashmiris protested against the abrogation of Article 370. The latest is the unemployed youth protesting against the government’s ‘Agneepath’ scheme. In short, protests and agitations are recurrent themes in India under Modi’s rule.

The other theme is India’s economy is in shambles under Modi’s rule. The ill-conceived idea of the demonetization of currency, faulty implementation of the GST, mismanagement of the Covid-19, the ill-conceived idea of total lockdown, and its fallout are some of the poor decisions of the Modi government that have destroyed the Indian economy. On every index, the Indian economy is failing. GDP is down, the rupee is sinking, and unemployment is at an all-time high, businesses are down, MSMEs are going bust, and investor confidence is at an all-time low. In short, the economy is in a bad shape and no one knows the current GDP growth rate of the country in Modi’s India.

Another noticeable feature of Modi’s India is China has taken over 60 square kilometers (23 square miles) of Indian-patrolled territory. China is building permanent infrastructure in the border areas and Modi’s government is tight-lipped about Chinese ingression. It is a fact that China is on our country’s doorsteps due to Modi’s government’s muscular approach towards Ladakh. As a result, China is flexing its muscle on India. The loss of the Indian Territory to China is a fact and also is the fact that Modi’s India is ill-prepared to take on China if it further takes any hostile action against India. This is a grim reality about India under Modi’s rule.

The future scenario for India looks very scary. There is fear that India may witness a Civil war or face balkanization if the BJP government continues in the same steam. Every Indian’s desire is for the BJP government put an end to the current madness and restore peace and tranquility, and unity in diversity in the country. However, right now India nowhere looks to be falling on the expectations of the common man.

On the whole, India looks like an imperfect picture of its former self under Modi’s rule. A precarious situation exists all over the country and it can be safely said that India is a failing nation-state under Modi’s rule.


Syed Ali Mujtaba is a journalist based in Chennai. He can be contacted at



  1. A backward nation of pagan retards who voted in a subliterate street thug and terrorist into power. India will NEVER progress into a civilized nation of laws and order as long as hinduism is the majority religion.

  2. Under Narendra Modi, radical changes have taken place in the social system, civic life and economy of India. Society is divided on the basis of religion and caste. Increased intolerance and mistrust. The rights of citizens have been reduced, corruption and injustice have increased. India has become a paradise for cadres and corporators and a hell for the common man.

  3. India looks like a top 5 economy, not a fragile 5 economy.
    In 2014 -> 1.86 trillion USD
    In 2022 -> 3.53 trillion USD
    If anyone (Muslims) feel the country is threatened and a civil war will start, it means THEY alone feel threatened and THEY alone may start a civil war.
    Be aware of them, they will try Partition stunts again, Ambedkar was rights, can’t be trusted at all.

  4. Truly Gandu aka paid lying Hindutva troll

    Same whatsapp university broken English sadak chaap sanghi bhangi nonsense. Bangladesh has surpassed India in per capita income. Posting fake numbers cant hide the fact that India’s economy is failing with millions unemplyement, many of you are selling your kidneys to get enough money to get a work visa to go work in a Muslim country to clean our toilets. Muslims made India great, Hindus turned it into a 3rd fascist sh1thole, you monkey worshiping cow sh1t eating rapist bastards are responsible for partition and have dragged the country to the brink of civil war. Without Muslims you would still be running around naked and engaged in human sacrifice.

    Perhaps it is once again time for India to have a PARTITION, this time NOT along religious but intra Hindu cultural / linguistic lines so that the Monkey and Cow worshipping Hindi speakers can continue to live in their Ramayana fantasyland while the rest of India ( Sikhs, Tamils and other So. Indians, the Bengalis, … ) can band together to become leaders in the 21 st century.

    This is what Ambedkar said about Hinduism: “If Hindu Raj becomes a reality then it would be greatest menace to this country. Whatever may Hindus say, actually it does not make a difference that Hinduism is a danger to Independence, Equality and Brotherhood. Thus it is an enemy of democracy. We should make all out efforts to stop Hindu Raj from becoming a reality.”

    Chal nikal goo bhakt


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