Hyderabad: Protest against loot of Waqf properties by Telangana government 

Syed Azeez Pasha, ex-MP, Osman al Hajiri, (president Deccan Waqf Protection Society) leading protest.

By Special Correspondent

Hyderabad:  A huge demonstration was staged at the Waqf Board headquarters, at the Haj House, here on Friday to condemn the Telangana Waqf Board’s lacklustre attitude in not going to contest the Supreme Court verdict in the issue of Dargah Hussain Shah Wali. Activists and leaders demanded that the Board file the review petition right away.


The demonstration was led by Syed Azeez Pasha, ex-MP and president of All India Tanzeem Insaf.  In his address Azeez Pasha recalled the Telangana Chief Minister KC Rao’s promise that his administration will relinquish its claim to Dargah Hussain Shah Wali’s Jagir land and pass it over to the Waqf Board. A significant individual like KCR should think carefully and proclaim before making any public commitment, he said. In contrast to the Waqf Board, which has meekly surrendered to the government’s wishes to surrender and therefore weakened the case, everyone realizes the government’s powers.

Osman al Hajiri, president Deccan Waqf Protection Society, pointed out that  Mohammad Ilyas, the then Tehsildar, was fired in the dead of the night, and he is still looking for a suitable posting, despite the fact that he was actively pursuing the matter in the Supreme Court. Munthakab’s removal from the case reveals their true motive: to take the valuable waqf property. It is deeply concerning that the MIM has made no position on this important and huge matter of waqf.

ET Narasimha, Secretary City CPI said the best way to solve problems with Waqf lands, is to turn the Waqf Board to a commissionerate. Despite having all the necessary documentation, Hameed Shuttari, president, All India Sunni Ulema Board, stated his great disappointment that a Waqf land valued one lakh crore will be handed over to Lanco Hills, Emaar, and the government.

Mohammad Afzal Advocate emphasised the importance of the Waqf Board filing a review petition as soon as possible while engaging the services of notable lawyers.

The demonstrators were eventually taken into custody by police and sent to Begum Bazar Police Station. Nizamuddin, TPCC spokesman; Rashid Khan, TPCC Secretary; , and Osman were among the notable participants. M  Khan,Organizing Secretary,TPCC;  Ashfaq Khan, Vice President of the TPCC; M Siraj Khan, senior Congress leader; and Md. Riyaz,  Congress leader; M  Khaleel, TDP  youth president, Charminar, M  Imtiyaz,  waqf activist; M Rehan, student leader; MA Aqeel, and others, including women.


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