Hyderabad: Students of Fullstack Academy gain cutting edge technology for bright careers in software industry

Students of Fullstack Academy during a class.

By Nikhat Fatima, Muslim Mirror

Employment opportunities have dipped down drastically but students of Fullstack Academy have been placed in esteemed companies with jobs fetching as high as RS.7 lac per annum.

Md Aijaz , the founder of Fullstack Academy.

Fullstack Academy is an institute that imparts the right courses in software technology that are always in demand in the software industry. In the words of the founder of Fullstack Academy Md Aijaz, “There is a huge gap between the IT industry and the academia. There are a lot of opportunities to build successful careers but the newly graduated youth lacked the necessary skills. We wanted to fill that gap, hence we started our academy.”

“Hardly 1% of the youth were employed in the top companies like cognizant, Microsoft, Mindtree, Infosys, HCL, Accenture, Skuad, TATA consultancy services and so on, explained Aijaz Ahmed, while talking to Muslim Mirror “More so in Hyderabad despite the fact that there are so many top multi nationals here. Some even have their Head Office in Hyderabad. But still we could see that there were no takers in our own city”, he added.

Abu Bakar , co-founder of Fullstack Academy, also owns a software company.

So, in order to ensure that the youth from the Muslim community are not left out, Mohammad Aijaz and Abu Bakar  Aijaz started the Fullstack Academy.

The academy has been founded in the year 2019 by industry veterans who have more than 25 years of experience in Microsoft and Tech Mahindra. They wanted to ensure that the youth of the community are not lagging behind in terms of skills required in communication, spoken English, software skills. Students coming out of college lack the qualification or skills needed to crack the type of jobs that are in demand and land up in mediocre jobs.

But unfortunately within months of initiating this dream venture, the lockdown was announced. But instead of being disheartened by this, the duo went ahead with their plan and announced online courses. Interested youth began enrolling for the online classes and the academy functioned smoothly.

Today they have gone offline and admissions are on filling every batch. So far they have trained 800 Youth and placed 55% in top companies. Some have gone abroad to pursue higher studies armed with the courses from FSA with which they get good paying jobs while they continue their studies.

Most of the courses students going abroad do courses in programming and development area. These courses are in demand globally.

“Web application is the latest technology and in high demand with every company wanting to develop web applications. Fullstack Academy specializes in mobile app technology the resource of which is not commonly available” explained Mohammed Aijaz.

Another salient feature of this academy is that the trainers are working professionals who come and demonstrate the real time scenarios. This helps the students while applying for jobs. Every course offered by the academy has different professionals already employed in top positions in world class companies.

The courses offered by the Full Stack Academy that are the need of the present times for software industries can be broadly categorized are programming, MERN, cloud computing, Data science – predictive business analytics, Android App development, Amazon web services, UI/UX designing courses, Selenium Automation testing and many more.

Khaja Wasiq Mohiuddin, a student who passed out in December 2021 shared that he has been employed in Skuad with a salary of 7 lacs per annum, the highest so far among the students placed in jobs. “I took the training in MERN from Full Stack Academy and I had not even completed the course when I was interviewed and was selected by Skuad. After completion I joined them as developer. I received full support from the trainers and today I have made my parents happy with my achievement” said Khaja.

The students are not taught just the professional courses, Aijaz and Abu Bakar ensure that they are groomed for interviews and also learn to communicate in English which is another weak area of most of the students from the community.

Another student Ayesha Moiz who has been employed as Assistant system engineer at Infosys said, “ I received support from Fullstack academy not only when I was doing the course but even now when I am employed. I am in a probation period here and whenever I am stuck with some programming, I call up my Aijaz sir and seek his support to trouble shoot the problem. I am very happy with the training and assistance in job placement and I highly recommend Fullstack Academy, she told Muslim Mirror.

The students from economically poor backgrounds are provided with an opportunity to apply for scholarship from IMRC (Indian Muslim Relief and charities). The Full Stack Academy (FSA) facilitates a written exam for the applicants to qualify for scholarship from IMRC. After the written tests there is an interview after which qualifying students are assisted with scholarship wherein they pay just 25% of the fees while the IMRC pays 75% of the fees.

Students enroll here not just from Hyderabad but also from different states of India.

Every time one of our students gets a placement in a coveted company, it is like we have climbed one notch of the high ladder of success. The success of our students is like our own success, it is as if we have bagged the job. Each success story fills our hearts with happiness and makes us want to better ourselves” shared Md Aijaz.


  1. May Allah bless everyone immensely and this is the need of hour to work with the present new technology.


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