I have discussed the genocide of Muslims with PM Modi, claims a Hindu priest!

Jagadguru Paramhans Acharya Maharaj

By Shiba Minai

Self-proclaimed Godman and extremist priest, Jagadguru Paramhans Acharya Maharaj known for his sensational views, talks yet again about how all Muslims must be exterminated from the country. In a video posted on Twitter’s handle of HindutvaWatch, he is seen speaking to a news reporter, where he is making categorically clear statements about how there is no space for Muslims to exist in India, while adding that it is only fair that all Muslims must be killed.

He goes onto to add that, India must be declared a Hindu State at the earliest and the first PM of the All-Hindu state will be someone who will be a bhagwa-wearing (safford-clad) guru and that he must eliminate all jihadists and terrorists from the country.

Jagadguru Paramhans Acharya Maharaj went onto to share how he discussed ethnic cleansing of Muslims with Prime Minister Modi and requested that he must be given the reigns of the country for just one hour. He said, “I will ensure that within that one hour will make this a Hindu Rashta and make it akhand (meaning exterminate everyone who is not a Hindu).”

He went on to express his difference of opinion with Mohan Bhagwat, the RSS Chief, he said, “The Chief wants to first make this country Akhand then declare it as Hindu Rashtra, but I beg to differ as these 15 crore jihadis want to just feed of countries resources.” He further shared that he suggested to Modi ji that the best day to eliminate all ‘jihadis’ is on a Friday. When Modi ji asked why that day, so he replied, “Because I know all the spots where they can be found on Fridays, and eliminated at once.” He also narrates how he wants to send all ‘jihadists’ to ‘heaven’ as that is what they are constantly seeking, thus he has a solution of eliminating them and sending them straight to their beloved heaven.


  1. This is one reason many Bahujan deprived communities moving towards real Ghar Wapsi, Buddhism. Can this parasite dare to stop them moving towards real Ghar Wapsi? 🙂

  2. Had the Muslims held the same sentiments towards Hindus for 700-800 years when the Muslims were in the ascendancy in the subcontinent, do such hate mongers ”think” there would be a single Hindu left in that region today, let alone the many thousands of Hindu Temples and other sites of huge religious significance (to them and their faith) that have been protected and safeguarded under the Muslim rulers for all those centuries..?

    And yet, as soon as Muslim rule is eliminated by the troublemaker #Colonialists [BritishRaj], and the extremists #Hindutva_RSS_BJP given the reigns of power, we see these thugs very quickly forget their history under – as if suffering from Selective Amnesia.

    Actually, this vile narrative such Hindu Priests are espousing has absolutely nothing to do with Hindus or Hinduism – which have co-existed with Muslims, Christians and many other grouping in the subcontinent for centuries – and such extremism has EVERYTHING to do with the Hindutva_RSS_BJP mobsters, whom are inspired to work under the United States directives – as the U.S. has sought to pivot India as a buffer state in “containing” Communist Chinese political and economic expansionism in that region. And in order to help it achieve that, the United States has had to succumb to one Hindutva_RSS_BJP demand, which is the neutralisation of Kashmir conflict between Pakistan and India and effectively hand that state over to India, which happened after 5th August 2019 abrogation of Article 370 from the Indian Constitution that had acted as a guarantee of independence, and which the traitorous Pak Army Chief Qamar Bajwa handed on a plate. The next phase of appeasing India, is to render Pakistan as a dysfunctional state, with all its nuclear assets decommissioned. This is where we’re at right now, as the IMF, CIA, etc, etc are doing their utmost to undermine the economic and political viability of Pakistan, having taken it to the brink of collapse like never before. Only thus scenario explains why/how such low lives life these self-professed gods are able to tear their ugly heads above the parapets and feeling openly emboldened as to demand wholesale genocide of Muslims and Christians..!!! 🤬🤬🤬

    In so doing, they’re actually “accelerating” their own #demise, just like the #Zionists in Palestine. Little do they comprehend.


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