India warns Indians in Canada to be vigilant amid rising hate crimes

Arindam Bagchi

NEW DELHI : The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) on Friday issued an advisory for Indian nationals in Canada in the wake of a “sharp increase in incidents of hate crimes, sectarian violence and anti-India activities in Canada”.

The Ministry and the High Commission/Consulates General in Canada have “taken up these incidents with the Canadian authorities and requested them to investigate the said crimes and take appropriate action”, the advisory said.


“The perpetrators of these crimes have not been brought to justice so far in Canada,” it added.

In view of the increasing incidences of the said crimes, “Indian nationals and students from India in Canada and those proceeding to Canada for travel/education are advised to exercise due caution and remain vigilant”.

The advisory was put out in the middle of a huge diplomatic row over a so-called referendum by “pro-Khalistan” elements on a separate homeland for Sikhs.

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi had yesterday described the referendum as a “farcical exercise held by extremist and radical elements”. He also said it was “deeply objectionable” that this was allowed in a friendly country.

The advisory went on to mention that Indian nationals and students from India in Canada may also register with the High Commission in Ottawa or Consulates Generalin Toronto and Vancouver through their respective websites, or the MADAD portal

“Registration would enable the High Commission and the Consulates General to better connect with Indian citizens in Canada in the event of any requirement or emergency,” it added. — IANS


  1. What a joke…India is amongst the most bigoted countries in the world where hate crimes against minorities, Muslims in particular are openly encouraged by the RSS sanghi bhangi Hindu criminals and terrorists with no justice whatsoever. Yet these Hindu extremist bastards are now screaming “hate crimes” when the truth is told about them outside of India. We recently saw violent hindu scum act up in the US and UK….this will not be tolerated in civilized nations where these dirty Hindu scammers come with fake degrees and qualifications.
    All Hindus should be kicked out and deported back to their bhangi mata…dont have to worry about fake hate crimes then, right Lindus?


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