Indian Muslims and the Meccan period of Islam : An analogy


By Arshad Mohsin , Muslim Mirror

Given the everyday persecution of Indian Muslims with some heart-wrenching glimpses like the multiple stabbing of young Junaid, mob lynching of helpless Pehlu Khan, riot-mob-killing of fatherly Ikhlaq, fake police encounter of innocent Mustaqeem and Naushad in the recent past reminds us of the helpless state of early Muslims in the Mecca of the first quarter of the seventh century.


The big difference however is the longevity of the ongoing oppression in India, in Mecca it almost ended in over 13 years of time whereas in Bharat the hostility owning to its being state sponsored and deeper rooted, has been active for over 70 years since 1947. With the current government adding evermore fuel to the fire.

Apart from the corporal punishment and mass murder of Muslims , the Meccan Islamophobes would sanction them economically resulting in total social and financial blockades. In India too, the marginalization of Muslims  is grassroot, multi-layered and well organized. Special commissions of inquiries like the Sachar & Rangnath Mishra committees were set up to ensure that the Muslims stay well out of the governmental social safety and economic security net.

State sponsored pogroms are viciously planned by communal politicians and executed by even more communal bureaucrats in order to drive Muslims out of their homes ( reminds one of Abu Jahal, Abu Lahab, Umaiyya ibn Khalaf and their torturous gangs) , villages and towns and to push them into congested, suffocating  ghettos to later collectively target them at will.

Health disaster among Muslims is then meticulously created by dumping infectious medical waste , bio-waste and rabid dogs in and around these ghettos like Zohapura in Gujarat & Shaheen Bagh in Delhi to cite a few.

Poverty is imposed and the economic potential of the waqf assets of the Muslim community has been particularly destroyed by erecting unfounded constraints through stringent legalities and constant usurpation by the state mafias i.e. development authorities.

Like in the early Meccan period the Muslims were forced to migrate to Abyssinia to save their lives and escape the unbearable torture of the ruling dispensation of radical Meccan Islamophobes, In India also Muslims  were forced  to migrate to other cities and  to a number of countries and were  displaced internally to skip similar mass murdering mobs.

But now, with the advent of biometric entrapments like Aadhaar , voter identification cards, and the Zionist banking system the challenge of escaping the governmental onslaught has become next to impossible. The entrapment has even trickled down to Muslim children in the schools where a Nazi like regimentation has been put in place to communally discriminate , emotionally harm and biologically contaminate these fearful kids.

The question that strikes every Muslim mind in India today is “what should be done to overcome the fierce and sustained tyranny of the Islamophobes who rule India through their massive control over polity, executive, judiciary and the armed forces?”   The answer to this burning question will come only from the Mecca of early seventh century and from nowhere else. Like the Meccan tyrants the mass murdering dictatorship of Indian rulers is also bred in the culture and custom of hatred and is bankrolled by state exchequer. The rampaging, lynching mobs that act as the foot soldiers of the Islamophobic rulers are financed by the same exchequer, supplied by the same armed forces , protected by the same governmental  machinery , and acquitted by the same judiciary even if they are arrested for the sake of photo-ops. The cases of Sadhvi Pragya Thakur, Swami Aseemanand and colonel Purohit serve as a living example of the confederation of the different organs of Indian government in inflicting terror in the hearts and minds of the unarmed Muslims.

There are however two fundamental discrepancies between the early Muslims of Mecca and the perennially oppressed Muslims of India. The Meccan Muslims had allowed faith to supplant blood, tribe, or any other linchpin to organize themselves. Plus they were eternally resolved to obey their master, the prophet of Allah (Peace be upon him) ,to the last drop of their blood. The Indian Muslims on the contrary have ,by virtue of their disconnect to their Prophet (PBUH ), have developed a number of unavailing loyalties to some of the most deceptive and mundane political masters, in search of solace. The lack of knowledge, deficiency in faith and consequent disobedience to Allah and his messenger PBUH  has caused weakness and disarray among the followers of Islam in India. On the other hand, a sustained reeducation campaign on the part of the Islamophobic rulers aimed at mentally subverting the already marginalized (alienated from Islam) community has further demoralized the Muslim society of India.

The Islamophobes in the government have left no stone unturned and have used  print and electronic media, educational institutions ,cinema, political speeches, debates, sect leaders, person to person canvassing and nowadays social media also to completely subvert and inflict fear in the hearts and minds of Indian Muslims. This is exactly what was done to the early Muslims of Mecca but they had said ‘NO’ to the deceptive offers of their Islamophobic tormentors. There was a totally negative response to the rosy looking offers of the tyrants.

When the Meccan Muslims were robbed of their wealth and their lands and houses were confiscated they didn’t go crying to the tyrants themselves seeking help and mercy, they didn’t take out an all women procession ( like what we saw in Triple-Talaq gimmick of Modi and his lackeys) to shout slogans to protest the tyranny. They’d rather stay homeless, hungry and thirsty but abundantly determined to unite under the leadership of their master, the Prophet of Allah PBUH seeking strength from none other than Allah the lord of the worlds.

The shackles of servitude can still be broken. If only we resolve to obey none but Allah and his messenger PBUH and anything contrary should plainly be rejected. Let the holy Quran and not the unholy optics be our guiding force.


(The author is a Kuwait based Indian writer, he can be contacted at  Email :


  1. Nicely written facts about the struggling muslims not only in India but all over the world and the only solution is: to practice Islam first within self and within family and then present islaam to the whole World as sahabas did.
    Then our condition could improve.

  2. It is after a long time read a frank and correct write up

    It is unfortunate That we have lost our Islamic and Quranic bearings Hence this suffering

    We have lost the basic elements of Islamic teachings and values cIt all needs to be inculcated as early as possible Let me have your postal address and mobile too

    Liked your presentation Tell me more about you Do visit my website

    • Dear brother Phiroz Poonawala,
      I am glad that you have understood the exact reason for the downfall and perennial humiliation of Muslims in India. There is an urgent need for a revivalist movement among Muslims of this country. Hope we join hands and get this ummah rid of the sufferings.
      Sincerely yours
      Arshad Mohsin (
      Keep in touch.

  3. Don’t just create useless stories and justify our backwardness from the A/c offices and highclass drawing rooms.

    First come forward learn the teaching of Islam in true spirit and try to project ourselves as true muslim, and make your family as true foĺlowers of Islam.

    We are failed muslims neither knows Islam in authentic context nor the academic education to compete with fellow human in the world and shamelessly justifying ourselves.

    We are selfish in characters, which not only harm the name of Islam, but wanted to get sympathy as backward Muslim.


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