India’s first cow sanctuary to come up in MP


By Pervez Bari,

Bhopal: India’s first Kamadhenu cow sanctuary will start from this month at village Salriya in Susener tahsil of Shajapur district in the Bharatiya Janata Party, (BJP), ruled central state Madhya Pradesh.

Large-scale arrangements will be made to conserve and augment animals of Indian bovine species in the sanctuary keeping in view respect and honour commanded by cow in India since ancient times. Kamadhenu cow sanctuary is about 200 kilometers away from Bhopal and about 114 kilometers form Ujjain. The sanctuary adjoins Jhalawar district of Rajasthan in the north, Rajgarh district in north-east, Sehore in east, Dewas in south and Ujjain, Ratlam and Mandsaur district in the west.

Adequate arrangements have been made in the sanctuary for manufacture of insecticides from cow dung and urine, development of meadows, housing and feeding of cattle found stray and confiscated by the police and free grazing of cows. Natural and suitable environment will also be created for animals of bovine species.

The cow dung, urine, panchgavya etc. obtained from this cow sanctuary being started on Madhya Pradesh government’s initiative will be used in research and studies also. The sanctuary is being developed aesthetically keeping in view people’s devotion to cow. It will be developed in three phases. Various departments will run their activities here. Adequate water arrangements for animals will be made in the sanctuary. For this, reservoirs will be built. Maize and other crops will be sown here as fodder. The Forest Department will also run large-scale fodder production scheme here. The Forest Department will plant trees on the boundaries of the sanctuary. Solar panels will be fitted on the shades to be constructed for cows for making lighting arrangements in the sanctuary.

The estimated cost of the sanctuary in 472.63 hectare area will be over Rs.1.50 crore. This amount will be spent in the first phase on infrastructure development of the sanctuary. Various works have been undertaken in the sanctuary in the year 2011-12. In the first phase, shades, fodder godowns, water tanks, wells, pump houses, sump well, pipeline, office building etc. will be constructed for housing about 5,000 bovine animals. In future, one thousand shades will be constructed every year for housing bovine animals.

In the sanctuary, a meadow will be developed in 60,000 hectare area each year. Development of meadow and fodder production will be carried out in phases. In the second phase, important programmes like improving breed of bovine animals and manufacture of medicines from cow dung and urine will be started. Works pertaining to generation of energy from alternative sources like biogas will also be carried in the same phase. Trees having long life and attracting birds will be planted. Ghee will also be made from cow milk here in the same phase.

In the third phase, about 34 species of indigenous bovine animals will be conserved in the sanctuary. Organic manure and medicines will be manufactured from cow dung and urine. Training will also be imparted for effective cow breeding, development of meadow etc. in this phase. (


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