Inter-faith meet adopts resolution to ban PFI

Syed Salman Nadvi, Umair Ilyasi and Kalbe Jawad with Ajit Doval in Sajjadanashin Sufi Conference in Delhi on Saturday.

By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi : A resolution seeking ban on PFI and other fronts — which are “creating discord among citizens”, was adopted unanimously during an inter-faith dialogue held here on Saturday in presence of National Security Adviser (NSA) Ajit Doval.


It was also resolved that those targeting gods, goddesses and prophets in discussions or debates should be “condemned and dealt with as per law”.

“Action should be taken as per the provisions of law against any person or organisation found guilty by any means with evidence of spreading hatred among communities,” the participants said unanimously.

The meet was organised as part of Modi government’s outreach programme to ensure religious harmony in the country. Apart from religious leaders of different religions, Sufi saints also participated in the dialogue.

“There is an atmosphere of conflict in the world, and if we have to deal with it then it is necessary to maintain the unity of the country. The way India is progressing, people of all religions will get benefited from it,” Doval said during the meet.— IANS


  1. Just banning PFI for no reason without any proof … if these Sufi’e are authentic they should come up with a resolution to ban RSS Hindu parishad cow vigilante gangs too


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