Islamic fundamentals aimed at ensuring total health, family peace and social order: Dr. Javed Jamil


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Renowned thinker and scholar, Chair in Islamic Studies and Research, Yenepoya University, Mangalore, Dr. Javed Jamil has called upon Islamic researchers, scholars and activists to expose the designs and dangerous effects of the so-called modern ideologies. He was speaking in a two day conference organised by the Karnataka Jamaat Islami Hind at Mangalore.

The conference was on the subject of “Inviting towards God through Wisdom”. Dr. Jamil’s talk was on “Atheism, Contemporary Ideologies and The Rationality of the Fundamentals of Islam”.

In his talk, he argued that there is an urgent need to focus on the ways to challenge the so called modern ideologies, concepts, programmes and policies that are posing huge threat to health, family peace and social order with ever rising crime rates including lakhs of murders and rapes, millions of deaths due to alcohol, free sex, pork eating, gambling etc. He told that the so-called Freedom of sex has resulted in more than 37 million deaths due to AIDS in last 30 years,, more than 5 crore (50 million) abortions every year and tens of thousands of suicides. The whole legal system, healthcare system and family system are in doldrums. In Western countries, more than 40 pc children are born out of wedlock and more than 60 pc children are living with single parents, mostly mothers (figures about America and Europe). Women and children are the biggest sufferers. Alcohol kills several hundreds of thousands of people through various diseases, accidents, crimes and suicides. Alcohol and drugs have also been major contributory factors in the spread of HIV/AIDS. He lambasted the market forces which have” commercialised all the evils” resulting in huge loss of healthiness and life. “They first commercialize the causes of the problems and then the solutions of the problems”, he told. He explained in detail how “Economic Fundamentalism” has been the primary ideology behind all the modern developments in every field — law, education, sciences, social order, politics, and what not. “Freedom” in today’s world means nothing but freedom to engage in activities that bring money to the market despite the undeniable facts that they cause huge health and peace issues.

Dr. Jamil stressed the need to use facts and figures to highlight how Islamic system is health and peace protective in an unquestionable way. He told that Islamic system has three tiers, individual, family and society, and Islam has three-dimensional legal system comprising Fundamental Rights, Fundamental Duties and Fundamental Prohibitions. All the commands of Islam are aimed at ensuring health and peace at every level. He said that even measures like circumcision play extremely important role in preventing AIDS and other sex transmitted diseases as well as in minimising the risks of Cancers of Penis and Cervix in females who are married to ciecumcised males.

Dr. Jamil also dwelt upon the huge failure of the modern legal system. Giving statistics he said that the crime rates including murderous assaults and rapes are highest in those countries which claim to be most advanced and civilized including America and Europe. Despite tens of millions of police men, hundreds of thousands of lawyers, tens of thousands of judges, crime rates are zooming. “Both the parties of lawyers are normally engaged in distortion or exaggeration of facts and yet judges are supposed to give judgment on the basis of their arguments”, he argued. “Islamic legal system if properly implemented, is a guarantee towards minimizing all forms of crimes”, he explained through various statistics.

In reply to a question related to the logic behind belief in God and Hereafter, he explained that the realization of God and Qayamat are the only way to get the answer because only in Hereafter the justice can be restored to the people who have been murdered or traumatized in any way in this world. If there is no God and Qayamat, it would mean that this universe is highly unjust as it neither punishes all the culprits nor awards the righteous. In reply to another question he said that while it is natural for humans to accept rewards for good deeds in the form of Jannah the more spiritually inclined people do good only to earn the pleasure of God. He also criticized theories of Physics that try to prove that “the creation of the universe was the result of innumerable coincidences”. He said that “it is ludicrous to assume that the creation of the universe began with mathematics and laws of physics coming in force, without anyone anywhere having any knowledge about mathematics and physics, followed by the appearance of chemistry and biology, again without anyone anywhere knowing anything aboutr these laws.” He said that the universe has been a highly planned, intricately designed creation by God, man being its ultimate product. He argued that while galaxies, stars and all the inanimate material follow the Laws of Nature created and implemented by God through their inherent nature, man has been given the free will to follow or not follow God, and it is on the basis of all his actions that he will be judged.

In reply to another question, Dr. Jmail told that almost all the major epidemics since the beginning of the Twentieth Century have association with non-compliance of the Islamic guidelines. Spanish Flu and Swine Flu have killed more than 180 million (!8 cr) people in last 110 years, and most scientists believe that the pig farming necessitated by pork eating was the ultimate cause. HIV/AIDS, due to indulgence in promiscuity, homosexuality and drugs killed around 38 million (3.8 cr) people. Corona too, according to most researchers, came through the meat of penguins and bats, which are not allowed in Islam. Further, if the Prophetic (SAW) Hadith regarding Epidemics had been followed, it could not have spread outside Wuhan, or at the most outside China. The Hadith advised that if an epidemic spreads anywhere, the people from that area must not leave it and people from outside must not enter it. Unfortunately, while social distancing and other measures have been adopted, curbs on travelling from the area where it originally began or where new strains have emerged have not been implemented the way they deserved to be implemented.

The programme was attended by a large number of delegates from across Karnataka.



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