Naftali Bennett

Israeli premier threatens to ‘act alone’ against Iran

JERUSALEM:  Israel’s prime minister Tuesday threatened to “act alone” against Iran in response to an attack on an Israeli-managed oil tanker last week off Oman.

“They can’t sit calmly in Tehran while igniting the entire Middle East – that’s over,” Naftali Bennett said during a visit to the Israeli army northern command, escorted by Israeli army top commanders.

Bennett said following last Thursday’s attack on the oil tanker, Israel shared intelligence information with the US, UK, and others that point towards Iran’s involvement in the attack.

“We are working to rally the world, but at the same time we also know to act alone,” Bennett said, adding that “Iran already knows the price we exact when someone threatens our security.”

Iran denied involvement in the attack, which took place in the Indian Ocean while the vessel was en route from Tanzania to the United Arab Emirates.

The attack killed two crew members – a British national and a Romanian citizen.

In recent months, many attacks on commercial vessels have been reported and linked to heightened tensions between Israel and Iran, with both nations accusing each other of responsibility.-AA

2 thoughts on “Israeli premier threatens to ‘act alone’ against Iran

  1. Been hearing these Zionist threats for years. Just do it already. Everybody knows israel only is good at killing unarmed men, women and children…they won’t attack Iran…they were hoping the Americans would do it but the Americans have had enough of fighting israels wars.

  2. This Iran / Israel / US drama is going on for the last 30 years after Shah was overthrown by CIA and Khomeini was installed as the supreme leader of Iran.

    Israel and the USA will never attack Iran because they know Iran is doing their work. They have attacked many Sunni Muslim countries in the last 30 years, but they keep threatening Iran to fool Arabs. Iran is creating chaos and instability in the Middle East and other Muslim countries to spread its sectarian venom. Look at Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, Somalia, Bahrain, all these Muslim countries are victims of Iran’s mischief and fitna.

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