Jamia shooter Ram Bhakt Gopal arrested for his anti-Muslim speech

Ram Bhakt Gopal firing gunshots outside Jamia in 2020

By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi: Ram Bhakt Gopal, who had opened fire at anti-CAA protestors near Jamia Millia Islamia in January 2020, was arrested on Monday for his hate speech against Muslims in Haryana.

Haryana Police registered an FIR against Gopal and arrested him earlier today. He has been sent to judicial custody, as per latest reports.


Ever since his speech went viral on social media, several complaints were filed against him demanding his arrest.

A mahapanchayat was organised on 4 July in Haryana’s Pataudi village. The event was addressed by Gopal and BJP spokesperson Surajpal Singh Ammu as well.

Gopal glorified his act of shooting at the event and passed comments against Muslims. He also encouraged the genocide of Muslims through his speech. ”When mulle [derogatory term used for Muslims] will be murdered they will scream Ram, Ram,” he said in his speech.

Ammu also made remarks against Muslims and supported violence against the community.


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