Jamia student leader Asif Iqbal Tanha arrested, sent to judicial custody

Asif Iqbal Tanha

By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi, May 17: Asif Iqbal Tanha a student leader of  Jamia Millia Islamia has been arrested and sent  to  judicial custody


Asif  was detained by Delhi Police on Saturday evening. He was taken for interrogation by Special Cell of Delhi Police but later arrested by Crime Branch, Chanakyapuri. He was produced before the Duty Magistrate in Saket Court on Sunday.

Crime Branch requested for  three days police remand  for Asif which was rejected by the magistrate.

Before his arrest  he has been called for interrogation as many as four times by the the Crime Branch.

Asif , a student of BA (Persian ) was associated with the Jamia Coordination Committee (JCC), which organised weeks of peaceful protests in the capital against a citizenship law passed last December.

“This is yet another attempt by the Delhi Police to throttle democratic voices that were vocal against the Citizenship Amendments Act (CAA) and to implicate them in the false cases, while the real perpetrators of the violence go scot free’ said a statement of United Against Hate.

Two  JMI students Meeran Haider and Safoora Zargar are already in judicial custody in connection with the case registered against them in February.

Zargar, a 27-year-old M.Phil. student of JMI, is over three months pregnant,  was arrested by the Delhi Police’s special cell on 10 April. She was later denied bail and, on 21 April, charged under the stringent Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA).

Meeran Haider (35), a PhD student at Jamia, is the president of RJD youth wing’s Delhi unit.


  1. Stop targeting Muslims and release Asif iqbal don’t suppress the voice of youths they have right to freedom of speech and doing protest in a peaceful manner according to constitutional law then why has he been detested?

    • Since this media house is muslim owned and run so it is quite nirmal to be biased with muslim people . But trust me indian judiciary doesn’t work like this , if the guy is wrong he shall be punished . If not he will be released whatever be the case .. rest assured .. pleases whenever you write a post plz give full details . Journalism is beyond prejudice.

  2. Catch each & every SCHOLAR, muslim or Indian notwithstanding, who were involved in the humongous & horrific East Delhi riots.
    None should be spared, media may call Sharjeel an IIT pass out, but they are Seditionists & Conspirators in rioting at Delhi. They will be called Balkanisers & Conspirators.

    • These arrested all students were not connected with any riots.government taking revenge of them is unconstitutional.if govt arrest another three goons of bjp then we can say it’s on a right way.

      • See, why do you see all things with Muslim angles? Is it that police has arrested someone without any reason?They all are allegedly to do something detrimental to norms of society. Court is there. If court finds them doing nothing against society , they will be released.

  3. Why agitate for one community Muslims in Secular Democracy Country where 85% population is non Muslim? How will India stay Secular then. Muslims are making India another Myanmar or China for themselves.

    It seems Muslims are asking HINDUS to be Secular but Muslim will follow medieval Islamic Laws..mostly concerning Muslim Women.

    Hindus should ask Government to impose full Sharia Laws on Muslims if they agitate to live there life based on Quran and not Savidhan.

    Countries which offer Muslims 4 wives, instant talaq, Halala Facilities also publicly FLOG Muslims, Publically Chop their Limbs, Publically Execute them.

    Indians should demand to impose all Islamic laws on Muslims and not let Muslims to pick and choose from Quran.

    Start flogging and Chopping Limbs on every Friday, at least India will see tourism jump.

    • It’s grossly unfair and potentially abhorrent to make Moral value judgement of Islamic laws and principles with UNSPECIFIED MORAL STANDARD Which Also happens to be UNPROVEN. Instead of calling Islam Medieval (a case of ignorant sheepish-ness), why not spend Intellectual time and energy trying to prove your UNSPECIFIED MORAL STANDARD. Is it so hard for you to make an objective evidence based case for your moral standard!? Let’s see..

      Your propaganda-driven emotionally callow outburst about Islam and Muslims is such a garbage that it doesn’t even need a reply, let alone taking it seriously….


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