Jamiatul Falah’s 34 scholars felicitated, speakers count on the institution’s days of yore


By Special Correspondent

Dozens of alumni of Jamiatul Falah, one of the South Asia’s finest institutions of Islamic studies, were felicitated in New Delhi on Sunday for obtaining PhD from prestigious universities in different streams, smashing the perception and prejudices built around the institution of madrasa.

The speakers enlightened the general public about the contributions made by the institution in inculcating religious teachings and moral regeneration among the students.

The distinguishing feature of the graduates of the Jamia is that they maintain good relations with each other, keep in touch in a systematic manner and always strive for the welfare of the Jamia, said Maulana Muhammad Tahir Madani, the renowned  Islamic scholar and  Nazim of Jamiatul Falah while addressing the  gathering on the occasion.

He said that Jamiat al-Falah is not just the name of an educational institution or a center or an educational institution but it is an educational movement from which many generations have benefited and this process continues.

Jamia alumni are our brand ambassadors and the university has paid special attention to women’s education so that they can play an important role in the formation of a righteous society, he added.

The secretary of the Delhi unit Old Boys Association Mohammad Ershad Alam Falahi said that Jamiatul Falah was established by a group of dedicated scholars to promote knowledge and achieve greater goals for the common good. He compared the effort to the process of creating new clothes by using old fabric, letter by letter.

Rafat Kamal Fallahi, the President of the unit, thanked the audience and appreciated the Association for presenting the accomplishments of the Delhi Unit and discussing future plans. He assured everyone that the Old Boys Association would continue to extend its support in the progress and development of the community. Asim Akram (Abbu Adeem) Falahi’s book, ‘Quran, Saransh Hindi Ek Taarak,’ was also released during the event.


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