Jubilation before judgment: Hindu parties distributed sweets much before court verdict in Gyanvapi case

Hindus celebrating verdict in the Gyanvapi case.

Cross intro: Fearing retribution from Hindutva groups, no lawyer from the majority community is ready to take to fight the case from Muslim side…

By Abdul Bari Masoud


New Delhi: In a startling revelation, the Anjuman Intezamia Masjid Committee (AIMC) on Thursday claimed that the Hindus parties, along with host of priests, had begun celebrations much before the Varanasi district court pronounced its verdict in the Gyanvapi case on 12 September.

S M Yasin, secretary of the AIMC, which represents the case, did not directly cast any aspersion on the judiciary but left it to the people to derive the meaning of the “jubilation before the judgment”.

“A couple of television news channels started celebrations four hours before the court agreed to hear the petition. This only shows how things are moving in the country,” said a journalist who was present in Varanasi, requesting anonymity.

On September 12, the Varanasi district court dismissed the application filed by the AIMC, challenging the maintainability of the suit filed by five Hindu women – allegedly owing allegiance to Hindtuva groups – seeking the right to prayer for Hindus at the Gyanvapi mosque complex. District Judge Vishvesh had last month reserved the order till September 12 in the communally sensitive matter.

Speaking to Muslim Mirror, Yasin said the manner in which Hindu parties celebrated much before the verdict was delivered raised questions because the court disregarded all the three cogent evidence presented by the attorney for the Anjuman Intezamia Masjid Committee.

It is important to note that the Intezamia Masjid counsel presented three important documents: the Allahabad HC order from 1942 which affirmed Hanafi Sunni ownership over Gyanvapi mosque and adjacent area, the Places of Worship Act 1991 and the revenue record, but court shot down the arguments. In its 26-page order, Judge Vishvesha said the Hindu women’s suit was not barred by the 1991 law “and the application 35C filed by the defendant no. 4 (Intezamia) is liable to be dismissed”.

Yasin forewarned that the ruling will unleash a Pandora’s Box in the state, which is already in ruins as a result of the assault by communal forces. He also voiced his disappointment that not a single lawyer from the majority community was willing to take on the Masjid Committee issue.

When being asked whether the committee tried to approach saner and secular persons from the Hindu community regarding the masjid matter, Yasin said that nobody stepped forward. He said that lawyers were concerned as they might face retribution from the Hindutva goons.

He added that the plea itself was ill-intended and motivated by communal elements with sinister motives and warned that the judgment will embolden fascist agenda to target minority places of worship in Uttar Pradesh. He said the Masjid Committee is fighting as many as 13 cases in lower and higher courts.

Regarding the latest ruling, Yasin said, “We are waiting for the final order; our next logical step will then be to approach the Allahabad High Court.”



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