Kuwaiti parliamentarians demand ban on entry of BJP members into their country

On left side, Emir of Kuwait Nawaf Al-Ahmad and on right side, letter written by the country's parliamentarians

By Muslim Mirror Staff

A group of parliamentarians in Kuwait have urged their government to impose an immediate ban on the entry of the members of India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) into the South Asian country. They have demanded the same in the wake of the persecution of Muslims particularly harassment of Muslim girls and women for wearing hijab in India.


Kuwaiti lawyer and rights activist Majbal Al-Sharika have shared a copy of the letter written by the parliament to the government on Twitter. He wrote, “We can’t sit back and watch muslim girls being publicly persecuted they said. Time for the Ummah to unite.”

A controversy was triggered after Indian MP Shashi shared the same tweet while expressing his over “Islamophobia” in India. The Indian embassy in Kuwait criticised Tharoor for the same while calling Al-Shrika a “Pakistani agent”. Several individuals expressed their concerns saying that it is not the job of diplomats to criticise MPs, rather such criticism, if needed, should come from concerned ministry and its representatives.


    • If all Indian workers from Kuwait or Gulf Countries are sent back to India, then Kuwait or Gulf Countries will go back to 14th Century. Indians run these countries.

      • You are merely slaves in ME. Nothing but disposable pajeets who think they run the country. You are being put in your place. You don’t run those countries you literally clean their toilets where they provide you with food and shelter that your failed state India could not have.


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