Maeeshat Foundation hosts brainstorming sessions to help religious leaders improve business acumen

M Azizur Rehman, founder and Chairman of Tarbiyah Cambridge International School receiving Lailaha Illah calligraphy from Danish Reyaz, Managing Director of Maeeshat Media Private Limited.

The ‘Madina Basket’ contains different commodities, such as attar (non-alcoholic perfumes), dates, caps and handkerchiefs for religious leaders.

By Muslim Mirror Network

Malda, West Bengal: The Maeeshat Foundation has come up with a novel plan to inculcate entrepreneurial skills among ulemas and imams who struggle to afford two meals a day. To spread awareness about the initiative among the religious leaders, the Maeeshat Foundation, in collaboration with and Terbiyah Cambridge International School organised a day long workshop on entrepreneurship for ulemas and imams. The workshop was held at Terbiyah Cambridge International school Auditorium, Badanagar, Danda, Jalalpur, Malda, West Bengal.

“We are happy that Terbiyah Cambridge International school is the only institution in the state (West Bengal) to offer entrepreneurship development workshop for clerics. We want to train and enhance their skills to enable them to increase their income,” said M Azizur Rehman, founder and chairman of the Terbiyyah Cambridge International school.

Danish Reyaz, Managing Director Maeeshat Media Private Limited, envisioned that the clerics can expand their businesses if they diligently focus on their trade.
“Maeeshat Foundation has target of teaching clerics across the country various trade and skills which they can then use to earn a their livelihood. We want them to become financially independent rather than depending on the salary being paid to them by the masjid committees for their daily expenses.

We select them and hone their most valuable skills so that they can become productive. We have devised training programme to help them hone their entrepreneurial abilities. We have unique concept called Madina Basket to enhance the income of religious leaders.” Danish Reyaz added.

What is Madina Basket?

The ‘Madina Basket’ contains different commodities, such as attar (non-alcoholic perfumes), dates, caps, handkerchiefs, etc, to be distributed to the imams and clerics of mosques. Each “Madina Basket” contains merchandise worth between Rs. 25,000 and Rs 30,000.
Reyaz pointed out that stated Maeeshat Foundation has negotiated discounts from multiple wholesalers in order to make these goods available to religious leaders at a reduced cost.

This will allow them (clerics) to earn between Rs 5,000 and Rs 8,000 per month.

He described it (Madina Basket) as an excellent model that could help Imams in West Bengal become financially independent.


As many as 40 ulemas and imams participated at the workshop held at Terbiyah Cambridge International school Auditorium. They expressed the desire to invest in order to become financially independent. They vowed to hone their entrepreneurship skills under the guidance of Maeeshat Foundation and establish their presence in uncharted territory.

Mahua Mukherjee, an esteemed invitee to the workshop, said: “There are numerous state government programmes for clerics and imams in West Bengal. If the Imams are interested, we will assist them in a variety of ways….for this, they must develop their skills.”

“We have a system that helps people expand their businesses. They must create a favourable space for themselves; we will do the rest.” pointed out Mukherjee.


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