Maulana Mahmood Madani lends support to Haryana’s anti-conversion law


By Muslim Mirror

Maulana Mahmood Madani, the Chief of Jamiat Ulema Hind, has argued that changing one’s faith in order to get married is wrong and should not be done in the midst of the growing controversy regarding forced religious conversion in the nation and the purported Love Jihad.

Additionally, he was in favour of the Haryana anti-conversion law, which prohibits conversions for marital purposes alone.

While arguing against the Haryana anti-conversion law, Madani stated that one should not change their religion solely for marriage.

“Adopting a religion comes from the heart; I adopt something when I feel it is correct. To be married, one should not change their religion,” he said.

The practise of changing one’s faith in order to get married is now prohibited in Haryana by law. The rule forbidding religious conversion was approved by the Haryana governor on Tuesday. “No man or woman in Haryana will convert to another religion for a spouse” in such a circumstance.

A notice in this regard has also been released by the government of Haryana.


  1. Why should secular government bother about it. People do lot many right and wrong things and government does not bother nor enact laws. It is upto the aggrieved party to file a case in court. Mehmood did what he did under freedom of expression and it has no further relevance. I say further who are others to object if someone takes money to change his religion which afterall is changing affiliation and value system and it is fully allowed under the laws. MPs, MLAs etc take millions of rupees to change affiliation. As it affects larger interests of masses and is breach of trust placed by the voters,it should have been taken extremely seriously but that is legally allowed while changing religion for whatsoever reasons have such ramifications. One who is changing religion to accept Hinduism is allowed to do so and is praised. No law hinders him.
    This proves the whole thing is Anti muslim and Anti Islam.

  2. This is absolutely absurd. Madani sahab’s assertion has no genuinity and lacking logic. Changing of religion for the purpose of marriage is their choice and right. The government and society has nothing to do with changing of a person’s religion. Love Jihad is a term coined by Sanghis to blackmail the Muslim community by seizing their rights and privileges in the instance of such marriages. Saying wrong on changing religion for marriage is an act appeasing the regime as defending their crook policies will bring lots of benefits to the sycophant.


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