Middle East should start treating Hindus the way India treats Muslims : UAE activist’s response to Indian minister

Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi

By Hasan Akram

Indian Minister of Minority Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi has attracted severe criticism over his comment that India was a “heaven” for Muslims and minorities. “Taking inspiration from what the Union Minister from India has said, I think we in middle east should now start treating our “minorities” (Hindus) from India the same way Muslims are being treated in India. We should make it ‘heaven’ for them. Agreed?” Noora AlGhurair, an activist from UAE, said.

Several people were quick to highlight the persecution of Indian Muslims through media reports and visual representations. They shared several images including that of a man, Mohammad Zubair, being beaten by Hindutva forces during February’s Delhi pogrom and the one which depicts Hindutva fanatics climbing the minaret of a mosque and putting a saffron flag on the top of it.

Commenting on the minister’s remark, one Twitter user, Rajiv Kuma, called him a “shameless slave of Hindutva” while another one, Amir Azhar, said that the minister was one of the “token faces with Muslim names” whom Hindu nationalist organisation RSS have used to “whitewash their crimes against humanity”.

Since last week, several Arab intellectuals and activists have been vocal about atrocities against Indian Muslims especially after Indian expats in gulf countries were witnessed using foul language about Muslims and Islam.

Time and again, the Arabs have maintained how gulf lands treat Indian expats is quite different from how Indians treats its largest minority group, Muslims.

In the wake of a hate campaign blaming Muslims for the spread of Covid-19 in India, a Kuwait citizen, Abdul Rahman Al-Nassar, pointed out that out of 1654 COVID-19 patients there, over 900 of them happen to be Indians. But nobody was being discriminated there on the ground of religion and are being treated in the same hospital. Nasser further expressed his astonishment over an Indian hospital’s denial to admit Muslim patients.

Similarly, a UAE royal, Princess Hend Al Qassimi, slammed a man, Saurabh Upadhyay, who, apart from blaming Muslims over the Covid-19 pandemic, alleged that Indian expats have built cities like Dubai and they had big stakes at every venture in the Middle East. In response to his tweets, Qassimi wrote, “All employees are paid to work, no one come for free. You make your bread and butter from this land, which you scorn and your ridicule will not go unnoticed”. This led Upadhyay to delete his tweets.


  1. We have seen that heaven for last 73 years specially when a terrorist was ruling Gujrat. Mukhtar is shameless person. A man with no dignity and shame.

  2. InshaAllah, Allah will bring them to their toes and surely they hey will be put to shame in this world and the world to come ,this i the decree set up by Allah for the infidels who don’t desists or refrain from doing so causing troubles and making their life’s of people more miserable and causing infidelity deep rooted in their brahmin idiolojist to erase Islam , Allah will erase them , the infidels must read and learn lessons from the sir’s “The Elephants year” many have come to erase Islam ,but they themselves were been erased for ever and condemned in this world and n the world to come so Brahmin idiolojist be wear don’t walk on the footstep of shaytan such the Jews they are no friend to anybody

  3. During my entire 14-year stay in the United Arab Emirates until 2000, I never came across a non-Muslim from India who would not criticise or pass derogatory remarks against the Arabs in general and the Emaratis in particular, or an Arab or Emarati who would utter a single word against these people. But these Indians, who left their chaotic country and corrupt system of governance to enjoy a most luxurious and peaceful life in the Gulf, are perhaps the most ungrateful bunch of people on earth. BJP’s Tejaswi Surya and certain Indian expatriates in the Gulf being trolled today for their incendiary comments on social media are just the tip of the iceberg of such people in the region. It’s time the Arab Gulf countries reset their economies by restrategising their trade and hiring policies and priorities.

    • Absolutely factual statement! The Arabs are totally oblivious of the inner hatred of their most loyal sycophantic employees who do not miss a chance of lavishing false praise in their presence to flatter employers and deceive them for years.

  4. The hatred on Muslims and Christians was grown by Mr Modi, as he never tried to stop his bhakts spewing venom against the minorities, Just on the pretext of banning beef, many innocent muslims were dragged out on road and been lynched and there were no strict action against the perpetrators The silent from PM and HM liberated the fanatic Bhakts to continue their crimes flawlessly. And when the other Islamic Nations took congnizance of these crimes, now the heads of Hindutwa started moving a little. God save this country from fanatics casteist nethas.

    • How Modi and his party tried their level best to take away the job of meat trade of the nation being operated by the Muslims? The leather industry of India is in total ruin. Modi loved to fly to the Muslim nations to seek after their investment, while he and his party were doing everything to torment the Muslims of India. The OIC nations will have to take strong stand against the Modi double acting show.

  5. Shut up you Arrogant Naqvi. Modi under pressure from Bhagwat is trying to save his job.He is arrogant and only does “Monkey Baat”and like a corpse answers no relevant questions. It can work for you in India but not world over. REJECT CORRUPTION AND THE CORRUPT.

  6. Naqvi is not speaking but it it the RSS making him to speak like that. Muslims in Inida do not need enemy from outside

  7. Many Muslims have been lynched in India during the last 4-5 years. Mostly all of them were bread earners for their families as young as below 35 years. The hatred against Muslims spread so much that nobody from the ruling party voiced any concern, on the contrary the killers have been garlanded & glorified by BJP ministers when they came out on bail, they have been provided employment or promoted. The effect of hatred can be seen very clearly as to how they are discriminated against on employment. Their houses & businesses are the first targets during any communal riots. The rioteers are not punished but the innocent Muslim who already suffered by losing everything he had bear the brunt. A sorry state of affairs.

  8. Without any iota of doubt, all what’s happening to minorities in today’s India, is with the sanctions of the present gov,. If gov wants to stop this hate mongering, minorities bashing, prosecuting, it is a just a spur of moment.

  9. Mr.Naqvi by heart suggest true, Arabs has to behave with Hindutva followers as in India they are treating Muslims and minurities.
    Naqvi Sewak of Modi true come on your toung,thank you.

  10. It’s unbelievable, just a month ago Indoes were beating, killing Moslimes in front of Modi’s Police officer, burned theit Mosqs and homes. Shame on Moslimes leader that didn’t bother to condemn the brutality of Indian government.USA is the only country that condemn the brutality of India and China against Moslimes, minorities. Indoes must remember that Moslimes build Tajmahal, famous singers, good looking movie startsanf,famous Marchant . Also, just s few months a go70 billion dollars from money when Moslimes go to Haj and spent given to India for the advancement of Technology in India. One last thing all kings in the past were Pashton (Paton) that Indoes call them, were Moslimes Afghans, Indoes must go to the library before killing any Moslimes. Thanks

  11. I love India, I love UAE, but current situations in India and ruling parties… A real threat for the country. Goons and Rapists are given powder and freewill. They utter whatever they want in public.
    I strongly say: Educated leader should be PM, a leader who have the qualities of a leader. Who treat all equally, love equally, care all equally… Should think for all equally….A ruler like UAE…. My Dream, an Indian dream….. By an INDIAN

  12. Muktar Abbas Nakvi India is a heaven u mean Kapil Mishra No arreast Arnab gowsawmi No arrest Babita Poghat no arrest this is a heaven sir U will die Allah ask u everthing and give you maximum punishment Insha Allah.Delhi riots openly destroy our Masjids and our propertys its means heaven for us. Allah raham mat kare tera pa

  13. It’s shamefully for all Indians. We are working in GGC and recieve lots of respect and specific group of Indian people had spoil our reputation. I am sorry to all GGC nation behalf of my country.

  14. Since 2014 we mejority of Indians are suffering from this bogus ruling party and their supporters they are only 3.5% but they win by EVM fake elections.
    First they want to throw out Muslims and then other.
    But Inshaallah Allah is with us to support and save us.
    The Muslims are with them are puppet and they are good for nothing.
    Thanks for GCC and Islamic countries to help and support us.
    Hope OIC will take this subject in UN to throw this bogus ruling party and their supporters and ban them permanently.


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