Ujjain: Anti-social elements from outside made false video of spitting on Mahakal procession

Ujjain: Spitting on Mahakal procession.

By Pervez Bari

BHOPAL : Instant “bulldozer justice” was once again at play in Madhya Pradesh when district administration of Ujjain town, about 200 kms from Bhopal, razed the houses of three accused of the Muslim community who spat water on the Mahakal procession taken out on July 17th, the second Shravan Somwar.

A team of officials reached the spot with bulldozers, accompanied by drums to celebrate the action. Before the action, a large number of police forces were deployed in the area.

According to the Ujjain Municipal Corporation (UMC), the houses were constructed illegally.

It may be pointed out here that during the Mahakaleshwar procession on Monday (17th July, 2023) three youths allegedly spitted water on devotees from the roof of a house near Chhatri Chowk tank. The people involved in the procession made videos of their act and later handed them over to the police.

However, Ujjain Shahar Qazi Khaliq-ur-Rahman in a Press conference on Thursday charged that some mischievous elements from outside conspired to defame the city by making a false video. He asserted that Ujjain city is known for Ganga Jamuna culture and brotherhood.

He reportedly stated that a case was registered against two minors and one adult youth of Muslim community by putting pressure on the police. The police administration and the officials of the Ujjain Municipal Corporation also demolished the houses of the three, considering them guilty without investigation.

He demanded that the administration should re-investigate the matter and if the people whose houses were demolished are innocent, and then their houses should be re-built.

Shahar Qazi Khaliq-ur-Rahman claimed that no such incident took place and as such on what basis and under which sections the case was registered by the police, while this action of demolishing the houses was taken against the rules by the officials of the Municipal Corporation. All those officers should be impartially investigated and cases should be registered against them and compensation should be given to the affected persons. He said that on the day of the incident, he had condemned the matter of spitting by the devotees participating in the Mahakal ride, but the media people did not run that news.

He said that the officers of the administration and the police took over the role of the judiciary on their own and demolished the houses without investigation. He questioned that if the house of an accused of a particular community was demolished in the name of a dilapidated house, then there are many other dilapidated houses in Mahakal Savari Marg. It should have also been demolished, but the officials of the Municipal Corporation took unilateral action and the house of a particular person was demolished.

Last time also, administration and police had taken unilateral action regarding sloganeering in a procession of Muslim society. Later the court dismissed that case, this time also a similar case will happen, we have faith in the court. He said that no such incident has occurred, the videos that have been released do not prove that this incident has happened. During the Press conference, Maulana Mohammad Ibrahim, Maulana Mohammad Aziz, Maulana Mohammad Huzaifa, Abid Mohammad Ayub and councillor leaders of Muslim society were present.

According to Kharakuan TI Rajveer Gurjar said that a case was registered under sections 295, 153A, 296 and 506 of the IPC against the trio, who reside at Tanki Chauraha, Anda Gali. Two of the accused were presented before a court on Tuesday and were sent to a juvenile home, while the third accused was remanded in judicial custody.

It may be mentioned here that three youths of Muslim community were arrested for allegedly spitting on Mahakal procession from their balcony in Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh. The video went viral on social media. In the viral video, it can be seen the three youths were watching the Mahakal procession from their balcony. They bent forward and allegedly spitted on the religious rally, when a local recorded it. The accused were identified as Adnan, Sufiyan and Ashraf.


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