Mosque in Bihar’s Nalanda district set on fire during the Ram Navami procession

A Hindu procession marking Ram Navami set fire to a mosque in Biharsharif |Photo: Internet

by Muslim Mirror News

On March 31, Friday, a Hindu procession marking Ram Navami vandalised and set fire to a mosque in Biharsharif, a village in Bihar’s Nalanda district. The mob also targeted Muslim homes in the town.

Imam of the Masjid told reporters that “a confrontation between people occurred approximately 500 metres ahead of the Mosque. Everything around the mosque was normal. The mosque is located at a bend, and the surrounding region has no Muslim community. After learning that the mosque was secluded, the Hindutva mob attacked it.”

The Imam of the mosque stated that the stones hurled at the mosque also injured him. Although nothing happened outside or inside the mosque, a crowd assembled and vandalised it.

A Muslim businessman’s hotel, City Palace, was set on fire. Additionally, a number of cars on the block were lit ablaze.

Although the Ram Navami procession went through Biharsharif without incident on Thursday, according to Nalanda Police, two groups fought on Friday while a “Shobha Yatra” was being conducted from Hospital Road to Baba Maniram Ka Akhada, where there is a sizable Muslim community.

Locals say that 8–10 Muslim-owned businesses were burned down. A Muslim-owned shop Digital Duniya was vandalised and set on fire.



  1. Muslim victim card always played in almost every country…even in J&K Muslims and Hindus are killed by Muslim terrorist……you should make news report on west bengal howrah district …Muslims provocation on Ram Navami Procession….Don’t make one sided reporting just because your portal depends on Muslims or talk about Muslims …Your Allah watching you and what you guys are doing in each and every country

  2. Its time for every Muslims to learn make nukes, thousands of terrorists like Modi can’t do any thing after that.

  3. Where’s the first part of the story you biased fuckin reporter.

    What about the stones being thrown at the ramnavmi celebration by muslims?

    Oh sorry, you need to show biased news because your religion and allah is fake juse like your news 🙂

  4. No case for them who burend masjid because just we r muslim
    It’s not a safe country now for Muslims
    Remember hindu, Christians, muslim and all other indian religion fought together for independent inda but now it’s not save🥲😭

  5. Are you from Bihar? No right if you dont know the whole situation then keep your opinion to yourself . Hindu goons started chanting infront of houses while they were playing namaz . We don’t have issues but if you are provoking us then it’s your fault . And allah is fake or not you will understand when you’ll die and send to the hell.

  6. No media is going to telecast this if this happened against hindu then every single channel, newspaper will cover this news but sadly we are living in this india where now only muslims are treated like terrorist. Shame on .


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