MP: Muslim men beaten for celebrating Hindu female friend’s birthday

Muslim men beaten for celebrating Hindu female friend’s birthday

By Muslim Mirror

On Saturday, 21 January, a mob of more than 100 men allegedly broke into a birthday celebration in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, and beat at least five Muslim men.


A mob allegedly headed by members of the right-wing group Bajrang Dal broke into the flat of a 24-year-old Hindu lady and beat her male Muslim friends, accusing them of “love jihad,” as she and her friends were celebrating her birthday.

The mob then then transported them to Indore’s MIG Colony police station and got them arrested there.

On Sunday, January 22, the incident’s videos went viral.

In one of the films, a sizable group of people can be seen ascending the steps of a multi-story building. One of the male companions was beaten inside the private property by a man wearing a mask, as seen in another video.

Manoj Yadav, who identified himself as the Bajrang Dal’s zila sanyojak (district coordinator), claimed they ‘searched’ the residence after the event on Saturday, 21 January.

“We went there and examined their apartments after learning that five Muslim men and two Hindu ladies were (present together) in the Sri Nagar neighbourhood of Indore. We discovered a variety of intoxicating items, including liquor bottles. We reported it to higher authorities as well as bringing them to the MIG Colony police station,” Yadav said.

Five of the youngsters were jailed after being brought to the MIG Colony police station by Bajrang Dal members, according to the police, for violating Section 151 of the Indian Penal Code, which prohibits any assembly of five or more people that is likely to disturb the public peace (IPC).

The crowd who broke into the private home and assaulted the boys, however, has not been brought to justice.

In an earlier statement to the media, Assistant Sub-Inspector Seema Sharma said that the girls involved in the incident “didn’t make any complaint of love jihad” and that a group of men and women were celebrating a friend’s birthday.

Sharma added that they would look into the situation more thoroughly.


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