MP: Muslim youth lynched to death Madhya Pradesh over suspected theft in Khandwa


by Muslim Mirror News

A Muslim youth was reportedly subjected to fatal physical assault on suspicion of stealing in Chhaigoan Devi village, which is located in the jurisdiction of Chhaingoan Makhan police station in Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh.

Sheikh Firoz, the person who was assaulted, was found unconscious in a drainage channel on Sunday morning. He was then transported to the district hospital for medical attention, but unfortunately, he could not survive the treatment and passed away.

Anil Singh, the DSP Headquarters, confirmed that the victim, who belonged to Khanshawali in Khandwa, had suffered numerous stab wounds and had bruises all over his body.

As per the complaint filed with the police, four individuals had arrived to steal gram from a Patel in Chhoti Chhaigaon village. They managed to take half of the gram and left the other half, but their activities were noticed by the local residents who woke up. Following this incident, the Alsubah police were informed that a young man was found in a semi-conscious state on the bank of a river. The police took the young man to the hospital, but unfortunately, he passed away during the course of his treatment.

Firoz’s relatives have said that he was lynched to death by Chatter Patel, the former panchayat president of Surgaon Village in Khandwa, and his men. The relatives said that after the men discovered that Firoz belonged to the Muslim community, they brutally assaulted him until he became unconscious, and subsequently, they threw him into the drainage channel.

Firoz’s mother claims that the locals lynched her son and is seeking justice for him. Until the attackers are found, she has declined to perform his funeral rites.


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