Mr & Ms Opposition, do you have any contingency plan for post-election scenario?

Congress leaders Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Karnataka CM H D Kumaraswamy, West Bengal CM Mamta Banerjee, Andhra Pradesh CM Chandrababu Naidu, Delhi Chief Minister Aravind Kejriwal, Kerala CM Pinariyi Vijayan and others during the ceremony, in Bengaluru. A file photo (PTI Photo)

By S M Anwar Hussain

It is out and out clear that BJP is not going to win if the mood of general public is of any indications. Most of the voting analyses are showing BJP shrinking. Nowhere in India, even one ardent supporter of Mr Modi, could come forward and said there is an undercurrent wave of BJP, forget about the BJP cyclone of 2014. Not a single election meeting of Modi, or Amit Shah can be called a mammoth rally. Forget about overwhelming crowds, even the chairs under the canopy were more often empty- and sometimes occupied by stray dogs. Most loyal TV houses could not dare show the crowd in meetings of top BJP leaders. Either they ignored the poor gatherings or they superimposed the video clips of the election meetings of the 1914, like they did for their Air strike against Pakistan.


Yes, for all those who want to see BJP go, the scenario is very heartening. Six rounds of election are over and the last round is just a a week away and you can watch the pale faced of andh Bhakts and bhakts both. Today morning only I was in the den of the supporters of Griraj Singh who was very humiliatingly forced to contest election from Begusarai instead of Nawada because of Nitish Kumar. His supporters were discussing the chances of his victory in Begusarai. I just listened to them and very bluntly intervened. “Forget about winning, he is finding it difficult to take a safe route out of Begusarai . People are waiting for him with the garlands made of old shoes and sleepers. He is getting no escape route. Nitish Kumar himself is reported to have fielded hundreds of Chamars on various routes to give him a befitting welcome “( Nothing can be more humiliating for a BJP hero than that he is garlanded by a Chamar . My blunt comment made them silent and shocked. They didn’t say anything in response. If I had uttered the same sentence an year ago I would have become a victim of mob lynching. What happened with Amit Shah yesterday in West Bengal is enough to indicate what may happen with him and Modi throughout the country in the future.

Yes, the BJP , as visualized earlier , has been licking the dust and has lost the ground. But most pertinent question is whether the “secular parties” would be able to regain the lost ground. The answer is more inclined to say ‘No’.

I do accept that public mandate is against BJP. Even in the Hindi heartland, it has lost its many of blind followers. The question is if the BJP will ever allow this public vote to surface on the ground. The things that have been observed during the pol until now is that there are glaring signs of tempering with votes. If the local media says that 40%votes were cast in a certain polling booth or area by a certain time, the local election Commission representatives just announced a much higher percentage of votes polled.Hundreds of voters at hundreds of booths voiced their grievances that the voting machines were diverting their votes to kamal only . There have been also reports that EVM machines were noticed or seen at unauthorised places and with unauthorised persons. There are also reports in social media that thousands of EVM machines are missing from election Commission stores. There are so many other stories taking round in the public that government official is day and night working for Amit Shah and Narender Modi.

In spite of all the reported omissions and commissions of the election Commission, it is well conceived now that on the basis of vote counts BJP will go.

But the most important question is, “will RSS allow BJP to accept defeat or find ways to sabotage the entire electoral result. RSS knows that now onwards it will be not seen as a social communal organisation committed to national interests. RSS kows well that it image has changed in last five years, among many upper cast Hindus, retired burocrates, retired judges are now openly saying that basically RSS is a fascist organisation having links with many international fascist and terrorist organisations . They know they have exposed themselves to the hilt. There are series of corruption charges against the rule of their blue eyed boy. From demonetization to Raffael deal, there will be instances of thousands of malpractices and they will be dug out by the next non-BJP government. They know by hook and crook they must win the election. Otherwise, the moment next government comes to power, public will not wait for the government to do something. There are Dalits, There are minorities, there are discarded and marginalized OBCs who are boiling with rage and anger and are ready to pounce upon them, the moment these people are thrown out of power.. RSS knows, BJP knows all Hindutva and bhakts knows that they are going to meet open public thrashing, hooting and booting-thy other name is mob lynching.

Therefore, RSS will never allow BJP to accept defeat. So, what the RSS can do with the hanging sword. The biggest strength of RSS ist that by now it knows well who are their people in administrations of the country, in the police, in the army, in the intelligence agencies. Entire media houses have enslaved themselves. Unfortunately, it is for the first time that all the constitutional position are filled by forces that are by training and bent of mind are anti-Constitution. They don’t respect Constitution of India, they rather hate our tricolor – the national flag. They will be always ready to trample away the entire Indian constitution at the beg and call of their unconstitutional authority.- that is RSS. Who are these people? The president of India is unfortunately an RSS man. The Vice President of India never behaved or spoke like the Vice-President of great sovereign nation like India . He remained the spoke person of RSS. Election Commissioner is also a constitutional authority. But he comes from Gujarat and the observation of last 10-15 years is an ample indicator that Modi and Amit Shah are like Bhagwan of Gujrat cadre officers. Most of the Governors, the symbol of federal structure of Indian federalism are loyal to RSS. Army was always considered and seen as the most

disciplined and secular institution of India. But out of turn promotion of the present Army chief and his indulgence in political speaking is also not good omen for the country.

So, what the RSS can do. The answer should be seen in secret meeting between RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat and Israeli ambassador in Assam in complete isolation, continuing for almost 5 days.There are lot of things to read in their secret meeting only.

RSS is not Indra Gandhi. She imposed a constitutional emergency, lifted it after a year and half, announced the election and very gracefully accepted the defeat. Secular India must be ready to face any negative fallout of election on 23rd of May. The whole country may be pushed into a quagmire of communal riots. And police, CRPF and even Army can be pushed into it to play the Dharma taught by RSS, not the Indian Constitution and Indian social and political ethos., and ultimately this counting can be stopped., and emergency or marshal law may be imposed. But this time if such ominous forecasts happen, Muslim should come forward and tell the world that they arr still left with life and limbs and blood in their bodies. Self defence is your constitutional right and your best choice.

Will Rahul Gandhi, Mamta Banerji, Akhlish Yadav, Mayawati, Tejashwi  Yadav, Stalin, Chandra Babu Naidu and others sit together and hold a meeting how to defeat BJP and its designs after the counting process starts.


The author is Ex-President AMU Students Union.He can be reached at Email :


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