Muslim student allegedly raped by Hindu men in Uttar Pradesh’s Gonda


A Muslim student from Uttar Pradesh’s Gonda district has allegedly been raped by Hindu men after she went to get her documents signed and stamped by the Paradhan (village head).

“I had to correct some details in my Aadhar card, for which I needed stamps from the village head. I reached his office, he shut the doors from inside and raped me,” the girl said.

The victim said that she went to the police station but the police do not listen to her.

According to the victim, the rapists have bribed the police.

“They have bribed the police, they even offered us money,” she said adding that she was offered 20 lakh rupees to remain silent.

The girl alleged that the accused Rahul Singh, Pradhan Singh, Sushant Singh and Om Prakash went to her house with a gun and threatened her.

“I contacted the police again but nobody is taking notice,” she said.

“Police abused us after we told them to take action against the accused,” the girl added.

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  1. Must hang this rascal man …we need justice for her ..
    Police is big criminal… action must be taken against rapist n police…police is not honest’s big example of hatred against Muslim.

    Need justice

  2. Even Allah will not save us, as we are not ready to learn and change. Allah has said, (Quran 13.11) HE will not change the condition of people unless they change themselves.

    Even after all these still only 20 pray Fajar in Masjids where a 1000 pray Juma.

    Allah has promised safety and security to those and their families to those who pray Fajar in Masjids.


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