Muslim teen lynched to death in Uttar Pradesh’s Shamli

By Muslim Mirror

New Delhi: A 17-year-old Muslim boy was beaten to death by a mob in Banat village near Shamli, Uttar Pradesh on Thursday.

The Uttar Pradesh police have filed FIR against the accused under IPC 302,147 and 148. One arrest has been made so far, according to the family.

According to media reports, the accused belong to Jat community while the victim is a Muslim
The FIR registered by Adarsh Mandi police station names eight Hindu men.

“The accused fled from the spot mistaking Sameer was dead. The person present on the spot took Sameer to the police station. and from there went to CHC Shamli who was referred by the doctor to Muzaffar but he died on the way,” reads the FIR.

10 thoughts on “Muslim teen lynched to death in Uttar Pradesh’s Shamli

    1. Because those who don’t lynch are a better breed of human being. That is proof enough, you asked the right question and now have the answer

    2. Muslims cannot stoop to their level because true Islam teaches that taking the life of one person is akin to taking the lives of entire mankind. Now, the only solution is for consolidation of the Muslim votes towards their own representatives.

    3. You mean like the ones in medival times which used to kill people, destroy temples, indulge in sëxu@l sl@v€ry and brag about make pyramids out of kaffir skulls ??
      Yeah, sure, go on and try and see what happens !

  1. The death toll from mass beatings is on the rise across India. Although it is called mass beating, in fact these are politically motivated killings. There have been many such incidents in the past, the families of the victims have not received justice. As a result, the killers are showing courage day by day.

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